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Cultural Gains
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With planning this exchange project the institutions City of Glasgow College and Berufsbildenden Schule Ingelheim enable students of both colleges to participate in cultural and technical-professional activities. Thus a partnership between both institutions should be established, that facilitates common interests in a sense of national understanding and promising collaboration to promote further exchange activities in the EU zone. There is a major demand in supporting technical and personal competences to increase the employability. The subordinated objectives are the gains of technical knowledge and the experience of foreign cultures, as well as the sympathy for social relations and the business culture of countries in order to enhance the vocational flexibility and mobility. The target group involves 11 trainees from the field of metal work, doing the second year of their traineeship in various professions (industrial mechanic, technical design mechanic, cutting machine operator). They will be having cultural activities to get to know life and people in Scotland as well as working on projects, that allows them to gain experience and cognition in technical and international communication issues and the application of technical troubleshooting, manuals, instructions, documentations, etc. plus the oral reprocessing of their work with colleagues and local students. The involved staff members of both colleges will be working out a common and need-based work schedule and result-oriented agreements for learning contracts will be drawn up. There is a great chance that the participants achieve both higher technical and interdisciplinary qualifications ( e.g. personality, intercultural competences and language experience) with the students from the City of Glasgow College as to the substantial arrangements.



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