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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

HERO;This project depends on feeling a real necessity to be educated on learning a foreiogn language and arise the level of consciousness about cultural values by using effective ways that excite learners and teachers,like cultural figures.Enthusiastic and social students' dense insists made us concentrate on this project.Because there is an excessive individualism which leads students to forget others. Also because of having an aim like being a member of EU,it has been thought that something must be done about cultural interaction. One of the basic aim is to spread the consciousness of being European. This awareness solely can be improved by learning the cultural figures or values of relevants. By integrating cultural figures of societies we aimed to break up the prejudices among cultures and increase the level of tolerance. And we believe that our environment-especially participants-need to be minded about intercultural values. The outcomes and values of this project will make a new line in our educational methods and give us new viewpoints to EU.In addition,as the project coordinator we aimed proving that all people can be educated not only by limited inners but also by these kinds of free projects. The participating organisations aim at reinforcing cooperation between students,schools,and also communities in what concers the promotion of values decreasing level of people's misunderstanding issues and improving academic achievement in schools by sharing good practises in enhancing and promoting values. For all these purpoes motto HERO(Hospitality,Education,Relation,Opprtunity) took place in our project's headline. Activitios were designed to achive the objectives of the project having in mind the need to develop entreprenevrihip(making videos about cultural heros etc.) autonomy(All the tasks will be performed in English; videos,presentations,using blog and facebook,etwinnig) The quality of a project requines being educacted and expert.So our coordinactors attented seminer about EU projects at diferent times. While maintaining the project we will especially focus on the methodology of Education from the nearest to furthest. Monitoring and evulation will be used in continnuous process of avsesing the progress mod to wards stated objectives so that gaps between the original project plan and actual achievements can be identified and corrected. We prepored a disseminaiton plan to promote an angoing exchange of information.For this reason we prepared a blog and used facebook toraise awerenes of cotribution of students community and schools.Also we aim to prepare a welosite to share experiences and new ideas about project. This project consists of 4 teachers and 3 students for each school. Af the of the project all partners will acquire new learning and teaching methods,gain new experiences in the field of cultural education,like cooperation,time management team /group work ...etc. All in all they will be profesional about intercuntural interaction,overcome cultural bias,learn daily language,have self importance of learning by doing.



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