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Cultural clusters - to be discovered
Date du début: 2 déc. 2007,

Cultural clusters - to be discovered is an EVS group project that requires the involvement of 52 EVS volunteers from 15 states, but also 26 local volunteers. The project is coordinated by the Millennium Center Association whom also takes the responsibility as a hosting organisation, the number of sending organisations being in a number of 24.The project is structured in two stages each of 6 months. The activities to attend are going to take place in Arad (County of Arad), Abrud and Rosia Montana (Alba County). The main activities developed by the volunteers are going to be: 1. Workshops on film and photography2. Organisation of processing and delivery of some trainings twice a month on the following themes: Mentorship Training Course, On-Arrival Training, Communication Training Course, Intercultural Learning & Active Citizenship, Cultural clusters in local Communities, Mid-Term Evaluation, EVS Experiences: Valorization & Follow-Up Training Course,3. Creation of some documentaries/presentations regarding cultural events taking place in the ethnic communities of Arad and Alba counties4. Creation of documentaries/presentations on local events regarding youth organisations and local communities in Romania 5. Ecological activities6. Consulting actions and alternative activities of spending free time in youth centres7. Administration and promoting of the project's web-site8. Newsletter9. Dance workshop 10. Local campaign regarding the requirement and the importance of blood donations 11. Activities in the framework of kindergartens 12. Learning Romanian language as a new language13. Reproducing a "small Europe and neighbours" in local community The projects starts on the 02.12 of 2007 and ends on the 02.05 of 2009



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