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Cultura, parte din TINEri
Date du début: 22 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 21 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project appeared as a necessity, taking into consideration that teenagers are lower and lower involved in the cultural life and this fact leads to bad consequences in their social, professional and personal dimension.This project will have 200 beneficiary that are high shcool students from all the regions with cultural differences from Romania (Oltenia, Muntenia, Banat, Crisana, Maramures, Transilvania, Bucovina, Moldova, Dobrogea). The goals of the project are:1. At the end of the first activity, the 5o teenagers involved directly helped by the decision-makers factors will have the capacity to identify solutions for the problems regarding teenagers’ involvement in the cultural life.2. At the end of the activity, the 50 young participants will be able to write a document that contains ways to integrate teenagers on the labor market, in the cultural domain.3. At the end of the activity, the 50 teenagers involved will realize a plan of measurements specific to every cultural region, they come from that concerns the ways teenagers involves in poaching and conserving traditions and customs from that region.4. At the end of the activity, the 50 participants will have the capacity to collaborate with the decision makers who are in control of policies for young citizens. Their collaboration will have the purpose to ameliorate the problems concerning young people’s involvement in cultural life (What should County’s Cultural Centres do, what County’s Directions should do for culture, what Scholastic Inspectorate should do etc.)The activity uses special non-formal educational methods (open space, the living library, the public coffee house, gallery tour, the aquarium, debate groups, group discuss).As a result of the conversations between young participants and decizional factors/ responsibles for young policies (County’s Cultural Centres, County’s Directions, County’s Scholastic Inspectorate, Towm Halls, Prefectures, Local Councils, County’s Councils etc.), it is desired that teenagers’ interest for culture will increase and so on the number of the possibilities concerning teenagers participation to cultural events, phenomenons. Also, students will be embolded to get a job in the cultural area. Furthermore, the project objective is to help the country mentain its cultural identity using young students who are involved in activities of gleaning and promoting traditions specific their cultural place.A nation who does not have culture between its priorities could not choose its way through history.