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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

he participants of the project will be educating young people in the professions techniques nutrition and food services , and vocational school students about the direction of chef. In the course of training young people in these professions is required practical training in catering establishments and in the kitchen. This results from the ongoing curriculum in the profession. The project is set to acquire the knowledge and practical skills in the field of innovative techniques for the preparation of Portuguese cuisine , as well as the improvement of the English language and learning the basics of the Portuguese and Greek language , which will allow young people to find work in the future on the broader food service market. Currently, in many restaurants in our region is carried out traditional cuisine . The possibility of introducing innovative and modern kitchen would increase the attractiveness of the restaurant. We anticipate sending four groups of 20 people to Portugal and Greece. In each group, the students will be educated in food service occupations techniques and cooks . Due to the fact that all the students would not be adult - so group would have two caregivers , so that one coordinator fell to 10 participants. The main objectives of the project will be : - Knowledge of techniques for the preparation of regional and traditional Portuguese and Greek cuisine - Improvement of the English language in the profession and learning basic phrases in Portuguese an Greek The expected results of the project will : - The introduction of the traineeship after serving Portuguese and Greek and greekcuisine in a place where the youth of school takes practice within the school - The ability to use the English language training and Portuguese and Greeklanguage at the basic level - A greater chance of getting a job in the restaurants after school - Practical and theoretical knowledge about the functioning of international dining establishments - the possibility to known solutions in the future work - Obtaining the transparency of qualifications acquired skills by enrolling in the Europass . Acquired skills useful to intern in their future career and personal development , and in the future will increase their chances of employment in the region, the country and abroad . In addition to this will be creative and entrepreneurial, which may in the future help to start their own business . The project provides for the receipt by the participants out of various certificates such as document the Europass - Mobility and references from managers , confirming gained qualifications, linguistic and social , as well as a certificate from the school and PFRPiE . Contact language is English while students will also learn the Portuguese and Greek language , one of the major languages of the world , the seventh in the number of native speakers . Important for the participants of internship will be learning about the history , culture , traditions and customs of the Portuguese and Greek which will allow to better understand the country and its inhabitants.



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