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Cuidador de primates en cautividad
Date du début: 4 août 2015, Date de fin: 3 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Program: Erasmus +, mobility of persons based on learning (KA1), YOUTH MOBILITY Project title: PRIMATE CAREGIVER IN CAPTIVITY, project duration: 12 months Activity: from 4 of Aug-2015 to Aug-4, 2016 Our project offers the possibility to gain practical experience in the field of primate care-giving. Especially students who need the possibility to apply theoretical knowledge after finishing there studies and people who find themselves in a situation of prolonged unemployment can be involved in a project where they can develop their skills and acquire new ones that could be useful to them in future job applications. Activities and benefits throughout the Project: Working outdoors; development on a personal level; learning two languages; enhancing personal skills; establishing relations with volunteers with a different socio-cultural background; believing, working and fighting for a common cause (Primate and biodiversity conservation and fight for a better world). They will establish an active role in society and eventually get to understand and acquire empathy towards disadvantaged and/or abused humans and nonhuman animals, as well as learn to cooperate with others and to work as a Team, gaining skill to improve their chances to work in professional organisations. The partner organizations that will participate in this Project have much experience in international volunteer projects, supporting youth and community development, just as the Erasmus + Program. These are: “UNA Exchange” And “OIKOS plus”. Our objectives, actions and needs related to this program and the project are: -Providing a chance in professional development, training and gaining experience to young people participating as volunteers. -Offering an opportunity for people with a disadvantage due to lacking financial assistance, who otherwise could never engage in such a long-term experience. -Promoting the exchange of volunteers from other countries, offering a cultural, linguistic and on a personal level enriching experiences. -Improving the capabilities and skills of young people, because we believe that the future generations should have a greater social and environmental commitment in order to respect and protect the environment. -Helping the participant to grow as an individual. - Improving cooperation between countries and organizations - Young participants will play an active role in the implementation of the tasks listed or proposed in this project. We wish to stimulate them and give them the possibility to work creatively in the development of the different activities. After the experience they are supposed to play an active role in society and keep promoting the program. In short, we want the volunteers to feel comfortable, confident, motivated and proud to belong to the Project. The two activities planned as part of this project are: To receive two long-term volunteers (12 months) from countries within the program, to encourage the exchange between young people and provide them with a training possibility or a non-formal formation in a project with an impact on the environment. For this project we chose the following two participants: For Activity 1, Adam Regan-Griffith, a man from Great Britain, 24 years old. For Activity 2, Martina Torre, woman from Italy, 23 years old. As a first impact, we expect that the two participants, in this case Adam and Martina, will have fulfilled their primary objectives, improving their language skills as well as improving their capacities, learning a new profession during their time at MONA. At the same time they will fill out and complete their Youthpass, self-evaluating their parameters which will serve them as a certificate of this non-formal formation. We hope they will see this time as a rewarding experience apart of the benefits and advantages provided from Erasmus + Program. The multi-cultural experience, the non-formal formation and the achieved objectives are expected to be a rewarding experience for the participants motivating them to share, promote and spread the word with friends, family and other potential volunteers. We hope to create an impact and spread the word about the project throughout the public, promoting it to visitors at the centre, supporters of MONA and all followers and subscribers via mailing and social media tools. We expect much promotion to be created by mouth to mouth communication, from the participants and other volunteers to family, friends, visitors and students who are not yet part of the Project, resulting in more future participant. We will publish and promote the program in the media, presenting the logo Erasmus+, inviting journalists to visit and inform them, in order to get greater responds in newspaper, TV and radio channels. Project results will also be presented in our online newsletters and our biannual magazine called "Primates". The information about the program will also appear on our website ( and social networking.



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