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Cualificaciones Profesionales Internacionales
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Coremsa Online proposes, for the sake of implementing a vocational training of international quality that encourages the acquisition of language skills and also reverses in the employment of students in Europe (thanks to the European Erasmus+ program), the implementation of the CPI project for students of the professionalism certificates in areas in which Coremsa Online is specialized: socio-cultural and community services, and trade and marketing. The project involves 15 mobilities of 30 days. The beneficiaries will strengthen their language skills, foster their European consciousness, earn practical work experiences in their professional sector in another country of the European Union and expand their options of entering the job market. This project will be performed in 3 phases:The first phase includes the activities of the selection of participants. It also includes briefings about the activities they will perform in the workplace of the host partner, current data about the state of the professional sector in the country of destination and relevant cultural aspects that facilitate the arrival and adaption of the participants. After selecting and having informed the students, another part of the first phase includes the period of the linguistic preparation of the students and training about other relevant aspects (such as occupational risks in the professional sector). In this stage, the whole framework of logistics and the preparation of displacements will be carried out as well. The second phase, the project implementation, coincides with the practices of three months of the participants in the project. This phase will begin with an initial period of adaption of the students to the environment, which will be supported by the host partner. The initial period is followed by the realization of professional practices in the workplace, accompanied by social events and both linguistic and cultural immersion. Finally, the projection phase of the project includes spreading the impact of the project results among our students and the rest of the educational/business community. The purpose is to conduct communication activities and information needed to endow the project with a European dimension, based on their proposal.



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