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CST MED 6 : du littoral méditerranéen au numérique
Date du début: 15 août 2015, Date de fin: 14 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The NGOs Petits Débrouillards PACA and the Petits Débrouillards Morocco have been cooperating since 2000 on projects around scientific and technical culture on the Mediterranean coast. After having organized youth meetings, scientific activities, leader training and sharing experiences, the partners have created a website that includes activitites, games, projects, scientific centres... on the subject of the Mediterranean sea. In 2015, the partners are planning to organize a seminar about digital culture, that targets 4 objectives : 1. To allow animators to soak up the culture of digital globally, to associate it with the scientific medication and environmental education 2. To train facilitators to the use of digital tools for animation, to the accompaniment of public children and youth in the production of digital media and the mastery of the process of production and posting of content 3. Appropriate site by content management that will be produced during the seminar. 4. Disseminate with groups of children, structures for scientific and technical culture and education networks in the environment of the EuroMed area site content, in the form of workshops for the former and in the form of short videos training for other A total of 15 leaders and volunteers of both NGOs will participate in the seminar. Many diffents activities will be presented during this seminar : expert contributions on digital issues, workshops, videos, visits of FabLab, meetings with other leaders... in order to stimulate intercultural exchanges about numerical culture. Following the seminar, the leaders mission will be to continue the development of digital workshops with different publics, and to train other members of their NGOs, and on the scientific cultures network, environmental education network and international cooperation network around the Mediterraneanin order to strengthen the numerical culture in the partnership.



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