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Crossing The Line
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We have created Crossing The Line to a) learn from each other and strengthen our own practice, and b) share the assets of this experience and learning with others, including organisations who work with learning disabled artists, at earlier stages in their development. Each partner’s main artistic programme of theatre production will provide the focus and creative engine for the project – a driving force of European encounter towards an enhanced mobility of artists who are usually denied access to “mainstream” transnational opportunities. Through a collaborative process – we will gain strengths in key areas including: 1) Development opportunities and new skills for learning-disabled performers / actors, through a programme of exchange and learning opportunities in each participating country. 2) Audience development specifically connected to gaining larger, wider audiences for this work, through a collaborative campaign that builds on each partner’s relevant expertise. 3) Business models and adapting to our changing environment, with focused discussions particularly around the need to find new financial resources to support our work because national public funding resources are diminishing; 4) Engaging with Associate Partners, including those in other countries to achieve a “multiplier” effect through sharing learning and experiences5) Widening engagement through creation of a Digital platform via which partners and others can exchange ideas, information and evaluation materials.6) Creating a Project Showcase which draws on the work across the Partnership to maximise impact and focus legacy.Why “Crossing the Line”? We are using this as a provocation to our partnership and our thinking. It has a number of meanings, useful to us in this context: 1. Crossing borders. 2. Crossing the finishing line. 3. In film it's a "golden rule" about the positioning of characters and the audience's engagement with them and 4. An action that may not be widely accepted...



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