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Crossing the borders
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The international youth exchange “Crossing the borders” is a project aiming at reflecting on the concepts of cultural borders and European Identity and rising the competencies in intercultural relations. This will be realised by working together on the performance that will combine different forms of art: dance, theatre, video, photography and music. The project will be set in the region of Genoa, in Italy and organised by a young association PECO in cooperation with Joint Association from Milan and Association from Genova. It will last 10 days and it will be held in October 2015 as a part of a big Festival called “Electropark”. During the Youth Exchange the participants will prepare the performance about cultural borders and European identity that will be staged during last day of the festival. The idea is to promote international mobility project on a big scale using the promotion and facilities of the festival. The main and general objective of the project is to help participants to develop a positive approach towards other cultures and strengthen intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and tolerance among youth from different countries. Furthermore, the project will promote participants to build intercultural confidence through culture and creativity. As the participants show interest in arts the project aims at developing their artistic skills and self-confidence that they can use to build their path towards personal growth and independency. There will be over 40 participants aged 18-25 from Italy, Portugal, Germany, Poland and Romania. The program will be designed in order to give space to each group for running some activites, warm-ups, workshops, intercultural games or intercultural evenings. Through different activities and workshop on dance, theatre, video and photography the participants will explore the topic of cultural diversity, cultural borders and the problem of identity. From personal to group reflection, through artistic means of expression, they will express the feeling of discovering and overcoming the obstacles we meet on the way to understand and accept other cultures. They will reflect on the concepts of borders and nationality as well as on the issue of migration as a core for developing new sense of identity and European generation. The activities will be designed in order to achieve the best learning process as well as the final outcome. The participants will not be only performing, but they will be running the workshops for others, they will be teaching others and learning from each other, and finally they will design their own spectacle they will perform in. The performance will be staged during a big festival in Genoa and will reach 600 spectators. After the whole process they will gain new artistic skills and self-confidence they will improve communication and reflective skills and will become more culturally aware and open-minded people. The project is prepared in cooperation with several organisation of Genova and Electropark festival and aims at promoting international mobility project as well as Erasmus+ Programme in the region of Genova. Partcipants will perform twice during the project and will run open workshops for young people, they will also present their national artistic group presentation during the exchange as well as after the project in their communities. Each time there will be an audience and promotional materials of events. The participants will design the follow-up of this youth exchange as we are hoping to create a platform for organisations that deals with artistic means of intercultural education. The aim is to use art to influence perception of people living in multicultural environments. The performance will be recorded, there will also be a video documentation and photo exhibition that will serve to prolong the project sustainability and visibility.



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