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Crossborder League (FTBCRB)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2012, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Bordány and Hajdukovo are two settlements lying on the sandland along the Hungarian–Serbia border. Due to their closeness, similar background and connections of the inhabitants, there has been a decade-long relationship between them, which manifests not only in the field of sports, but in cultural and people-to-people contacts as well. Local and national sources for subsidising amateur sports are more and more scarce, because of which there are deficiencies in providing continuous training–learning–preparations. The highlighted aim of this project is cooperation in training and competing young footballers based on the tradition of training new generations in both countries, as well as promoting football through friendly matches. It will also be possible to exchange the experience of experts from these two countries and PE teachers from surrounding schools on workshops. There will be 3 joint preparatory training camps, and 2 joint, summer and winter, cross-border leagues for 3-3 teams of players from both countries. The teams participating in common preparations are the main beneficiaries of this project. he project will start with an opening conference, followed by three joint training camps. There will be one training camp for adolescents (25 people) in Hajdukovo and juniors (25 people) in Bordány in spring, while in autumn, we will organise a joint training camp for adolescents and juniors (40 people) in Bordány. After these, there will be two preparatory friendly matches for each generation. During this project, our aim is to provide such recreation alternative for the young, due to which social behaviour may evolve positively, certain communities may establish contacts with people living on the other side of the border, and indirectly, the inhabitants’ health may improve leading to additional savings in public expenditures. Achievements: Bordány and Hajdukovo are two settlements located in the sands along the Hungarian–Serbianborder. Due to their proximity and the similar backgrounds and strong everyday interaction of the inhabitants, they have had a decade-long relationship, which manifests not only in the field of sports, but in cultural and people-to-people contacts as well. In the course of a year, the two football clubs strengthened and intensifed their previously sporadic cooperation in terms of training young footballers, as well as promoting football through competition and friendly matches. The trainers and experts of the football clubs discussed, compared and harmonised the traditions and methods of training new generations in both countries. This resulted in an integrated approach to football training, taking best of both traditions. The partners organised regular joint training camps, cross-border leagues, friendly matches and workshops, so that young players could experience and learn to cope with playing on the opponents field as well as in a foreign country. In order to improve the training conditions, the changing room next to the football field in Hajdukovo was renovated. The joint training sessions and intensified professional gatherings gave both clubs new motivation and impetus. The trainers exchanged experiences, learnt new methods from each other, and together they improved the quality of football education in the border region. The cocooperation was also beneficial for young players they were weighed on international midfeld, got to know their peers from the neighbouring country.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Serbia IPA CBC (HU-RS)
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