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Cross the threshold and play the complexity: emotions for use
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 1 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Cross the threshold and play the complexity: emotions for use" will be held at The House Laboratory Cerquosino, located a few miles from Orvieto, Italy, in a natural protect area.The theme of the project is social inclusion, l 'analysis of migration routes and the fight against discriminazione.The countries involved are: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Italy. The project foresees two activities: • ACTIVITY 1: from 23rd to the 31st of March 2015: training for 16 participants, social workers of youth centers,education family homes, institutions for foster care.Trainers; 1 Ass. Artemide, Italy, Bulgaria 1CVS, 1 Facilitator Ass.Sul Filo e Dintorni, Italy. Staff No. 1 Ass. Universitur Romania 1Ass.Artemide.Participats subdivided as follows; Bulgaria 2 Macedonia 3 Montenegro 3 Serbia 3 Romania2 Local Partner 2 Artemide Applicant 1 • ACTIVITY '2: from the 11th to the 19th of June 2015: International exchange will involve 25 young people with fewer opportunities and 5 group leader subdivided as follows; Italy Ass.Artemide 4 + 1 Bulgaria 4 + 1Montenegro 4 + 1Macedonia 4 + 1 Romania 4 + 1 Serbia 4 + 1 ACTIVITY '1: The objective of the training course is to provide young social workers, educators and active citizens, who work with children, adolescents and adults at risk of social exclusion, new tools to approach the issues of social inclusion and intercultural dialogue through innovative methodologies and experience in the field.The participants, who work every day in disadvantaged areas, such as suburbs and small rural towns with difficult mobility and connection with the outside, need new tools and insights on the topic of 'social exclusion linked to migration processes and the challenges they may determine in social relationships of young Europeans and migrant.The training therefore aims to: explore the cultural differences and analyze how different countries have dealt with issues of immigration and emigration: analyzing such as gender, male and female, can influence group dynamics and leadership and, consequently, how it can contribute to exclusion with particular attention to the double discrimination of women immigrate.Regarding the gender issue and the transformative power of relationships, we will analyse how the cultural hybridity of identity static and dynamic influence social dynamics, we focus the double discrimination of immigrant women, as foreigners and as wimen.The power dynamics, how people exercise power over others, how it is used consciously and unconsciously in the group and in everyday life; Analyze the conflicts related to loss of roots and territory and we will experience creative methods to manage them in a non-violent way, share and develop new tools i order to facilitate the active participation of local young people and young people from foreign, or from cultural minorities, these tools will be useful later to promote activities in different local contexts and to respect the culture and diversity.Develop different communication styles in order to facilitate discussions and decision making procedures .Develop personal knowledge in concerning discrimination, xenophobia, racism. ACTIVITY '2: The international exchange is a simulated active citizenship and involves the participation of young people with fewer opportunities, who live and / or attend the volunteer centers, the structures in which the youth worker who attended the training works.Main objective is to enable inclusion paths starting at its own specificity and their needs, as individuals and as a group. A further objective is to ensure that the gap of difference and resistance against the new and different is less deep, to get to enable new models of inclusion, going against racist, sexist and xenophobic. The exchange therefore aims to: Improve the resource young people by promoting and enhancing the opportunities for autonomy and proper leadership, taking the youngs as the subject of design and actio.Exploit the ethnic and cultural diversity. Preventing delinquency and addictions.Systematic involvement of stakeholders in the analysis of the results.At the time adaptability to the ways the personal characteristics of all involved. Knowing how to promote actions progettuali.TTake into account different points of view and lead them back to a shared synthesis.Being able to anticipate obstacles and make decisions, make choices. Capitalizing on constructive relationship with the other / a, perceived as a resource for both individual and social growth.Expertise in management and non-violent conflicts between the undeniable different identity.All facilitated by the project.



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