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Cross the Culture
Date du début: 3 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 2 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Stichting Incombinacion and GYE will like to arrange a short EVS program to Georgia (Rustavi). “Georgian Youth for Europe” (GYE) is going to host 12 short term volunteers from the Netherlands.Short term EVS project will take place in Rustavi, Project dates: 15.02.2016-15.03.2016We aim to promote an intercultural exchange through voluntary work between Dutch participants and Georgian youngters and children. At the same the Georgian Youth for Europe and their community will benefit from the support provided by the volunteers.Through voluntary work we preten to empower solidarity and conscious living, and encourage participation in the development of the society.The project’s mission: in support of European youngsters to promote available the initiatives and non-formal education activities for young people and children from Rustavi city. The project will support the local youth and children opportunities through cultural activities, sports, art, music. The volunteers will also provide practical workshops to the Youth and children from Rustavi. During the last years we have discovered that Dutch youngsters with multi-cultural background do not easily participate in voluntary service abroad. We found out that there is an interest from this group of youngsters if we are able to remove social, cultural and financial obstacles. We realised, that if we can eliminate these obstacles we could send out a mixed group of volunteers in an EVS programme. We hope this experience will motivate them and broaden their horizons. The participants will be mainly recruted in cooperation with local Dutch NGOs, for instance CC4U, Winwide and other Youth leaders that support youngsters with less privileged background. Incombinación will organize an event on the 27th of October at "Huis van Europa" with the main purpose to provide information about EVS and to support the recruitment process of this short EVS.The EVS program will give the volunteers and local Georgian youth a possibility to exchange their life experience, their views on numerous issues, such as: breaking down any stereotypes, eliminating prejudices and experiencing similarities and differences between different European and Non-EU countries, developing cultural awareness of each other’s needs in a multi-cultural setting;At the same time through voluntary service, we encourage social participation in local and international level as active citizenship in order to improve and provide equal opportunities. Through this program EVS volunteers will be able to develop several competencies in order to improve their performance. The Host organisation will provide the opportunity to EVS volunteers to have learning opportunities in different fields, such as: approach to the tasks of the project: develop responsibility for the project; become more open to new ideas; develop the sense of initiative; ability to plan and organize activities of the project; flexibility/adaptability and coping with new challenges; proactive attitude and independent work. The youngsters will also receive some practical workshops about empowerment and leadership. They will receive the "task" to share this knowldge and empower other youngsters as well. In this way, we believe that giving them this responsability will motivate them on a personal level and the impact can be appreciated on local, regional and european level.Through their input and contributions to the activities within the project, the volunteers will feel ownership based on their results and achievements. It will definitely be something they are proud of and will influence them to continue being active in the community and act as ambassadors to encourage other youngsters to participate in an EVS program.The long-lasting personal effect on participants will hopefully enthuse a more positive, cooperative, understanding, open, cohesive, culturally aware and active impact on the participant, that hopefully, and most probably, will stay with them forever. The result of the activites is that Georgian youngsters will be more motivated to take part in the activities of the hosting organization. They will more often visit the GYE office of and spend their time there in a good and interesting way. We expect that these youngsters will be more self-confident to express their views and share their ideas regarding any topic, and also more active in the implementation of these ideas with or without youth/social workers.We strongly believe that with this programme will:- give youngsters with fewer possibilities the chance to share their talents, culture, knowledge and skills by doing voluntary service. The experience will definitely provide strong personal development and identity. As a long term result the volunteers and the community will both be more opened for cooperation with people from different nations and cultures. Their minds will be broadened after the project.



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