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Nowadays the low quality of underwater and surface water of the Nemunas basin is an actual issue. In case of the Nemunas river, as the watershed runs in the territory of several countries, the consequences caused by the mankind activity in the whole watershed make influence upon the quality of the water. A matter of great concern in Belarus and Lithuania region is unclean sewage, which flows directly to the Nemunas river basin. It's very important to solve these problems during the project. In order to implement all the activities of the project - participation of partners from both countries is necessary.The overall objective of the project is - to contribute to the preservation of the ecosystems, in order to reduce the number of pollutants discharged into the Nemunas basin watersheds in Belarus and Lithuanian border regions and their negative influence on the ecosystem, also to ensure that discharged cleaned sewage meet the requirements. The main project activities: project administration and implementation, preparation of research on common waters in Belarus and Lithuanian border regions, preparation of detailed plans and technical designs for building of sewage treatment facilities, reconstruction of sewarage treatment facilities system (pumping station No.6) in Grodno, procurement of equipment, publishing of research, training of environmentalists, implementation of project publicity. The project will adress such target groups as: municipalities, Institutions, responsible for the environmental protection, business enterprises and inhabitants of Belarus and Lithuanian border regions.The outputs of the project - prepared research on common waters in Belarus and Lithuanian border regions, published 500 units of the research, prepared 4 detailed plans and 4 technical designs for building sewarage treatment facilities, made reconstruction of sewarage treatment facilities system (pumping station No.6) in Grodno, issued 500 units publications, purchased 2 computer sets with software,2 printers and 1 mobile laboratory, 40 environmentalists trained, organized 3 meetings of the project partners and held 1 Final conference.It is intended that the project results will influence the reduction of diffused and concentrated pollution, having greater effect when sewage treatment facilities will be reconstructed.Interest of the investors in this region will increase by 10-20% when the possibilities to reconstruct new sewage treatment facilities will upstart. Improvement of business conditions, secured by the growing possibilities to develop environment friendly business, establishment of new enterprises and the development of the existing ones will result the increase of employment rate by 1-2 %. Development and modernization of water management infrastructure could have a positive impact for both sides, herewith for the whole territory.



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