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Cross-border cooperation and best practices for urban waste water treatment in the Isonzo river basin  (DISO-PRA)
Date du début: 31 oct. 2005, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims at safeguarding the Isonzo-Soča river and its host of tributaries through the treatment of urban waste water. The Isonzo-Soča is a cross-border river with its source in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia at the heart of the Julian Alps, it enters Italy at Solkan (Salcano) and finally flows on the Adriatic Sea. Its hydrographic basin covers a surface of more than 3,400 km2, one third of which in Italian territory. In addition to being an important water resource, the Isonzo-Soča also plays a significant environmental role (as the water habitat of several animal and plant species) and a tourist one too, therefore it must be safeguarded. The “DISO-PRA” project consists in the upgrading of the water treatment plant serving the Municipality of Pradamano, which meets the demand of up to 400 inhabitants. In this sense, the Municipality has acquired a new general plan for the sewage system which will centralize the water treatment process in one single facility. to be located in the vicinity of the purification plant of Lovaria, to discharge sewage water in the Torre stream. The works will be concluded with the re-channelling of the sewage waters of the main urban centre, where the purification plant needs upgrading. The infrastructural actions listed above concern the upgrading of the sewage purification lines of the municipal plant, in order to improve the quality of sewage water in the Torre stream and to meet existing regulations and safeguard the receiving water body from an environmental point of view. The project - which represents the implementation on Italian soil of the experience acquired by Slovenian Municipalities that are partners in the framework of similar actions along the Isonzo-Soča river, financed under PHARE-CBC Programme ECO-ADRIA 2001- intends to contribute to the definition of a joint plan to safeguard natural resources in the cross-border area. It also envisages the organisation of technical meetings with visits to the plants located in Slovenia and in Friuli Venezia Giulia to foster the mutual transfer of know-how, and the promotion and dissemination of the results achieved, to be illustrated on the occasion of special events.



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