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Cresterea sanselor de angajare a viitoarilor asistenti medicali prin familiarizarea cu standardele europene
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Increasing employability of future nurses through familiarity with the European standards" aims to develop the professional skills of future nurses, adapted to the European labor market, skills of using the modern medical technologies, and their language and cultural skills, in order to enhance their capacity to work and live in another cultural context, which ensures their easy integration in the labor market.In this project, 25 students in first and second years of the Sanitary Postsecondary School of Bals, who are in initial training (IVT) for qualification as general nurses, will participate in a European training placement in a health facility, Hippocrates Clinic, in Paphos, Cyprus.During the five weeks of practical training, the 25 of participants will form and develop their skills specified in the professional standards and their training curriculum.Students in the first year will identify problems of addiction to patients, will set up the nursing plan, will apply nurses own and delegated interventions in care, specific nursing techniques and investigations, will administrate medications and will trace the evolution of the patient after care. Students in the second year will establish nursing diagnoses, will develop a care plan (nursing plan), will apply their own and delegated interventions to patients with surgical , orthopedic and cardiological diseases and will assess applied care results.All the 25 of participants will be familiarized with the European medical standards, working conditions specific to European health units and will develop their skills and competencies of cultural and linguistic communication and also their ability to adapt to different cultural contexts.As future nurses, the participants will become more motivated for learning, better oriented in career, more opened to professional mobility and competitive on the European labor market, will integrate more easily in different cultural contexts, thus having increased employment opportunities after finishing the school.By transferring best practices and European models, the project will contribute to enhance the quality of training offer of the school , to adapt training at European standards and requirements of the European health, as well as to increase the European dimension of school, by creating opportunities for exchanging experience and establishing new partnerships for European mobility and transnational cooperation in the practical training of the students of our school.


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