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Credibility via Civic Journalism
Date du début: 15 sept. 2012,

"International Committee of Civic Diplomacy" is pleased to host a training course entitled “Credibility via Civic Journalism: We Communicate to be Valuable”, to be held between September 1 to 11, 2012 in the capital of Moldova - Chisinau. The project is going to be implemented in partnership with other eleven promoters from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, France, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine. Twenty-six young people from rural and urban areas will be involved in the project. Involvement of youngsters in civic participation and elections is low in the European Union and they don’t believe in changes and promises anymore. Learning about civic journalism from different countries will be a step toward developing the idea of citizenship, as 2013 will be the “European Citizenship Year”. The project goal is to improve participants’ competences, skills and attitudes by learning about civic journalism from each participating country. The project will improve practical skills regarding communication and will increase the level of mutual cooperation between participants from rural areas as well as from urban ones. Learning civic journalism via participation and communication will align journalistic practices with the ways that citizens form publics, in turn creating a more efficient and reciprocal way of communicating with readers. It will make young people to exchange ideas, to evaluate and make analysis on how civic journalism works and how it is in different countries.



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