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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Consortium that we present today has been promoted at a local level by the Town Hall o Jerez together with the following Vocational Schools of this town: IES Andrés Benítez, C.C La Salle Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, IES La Granja, IES Fernando Quiñones, IES Francisco Romero Vargas y el C.E. MAnuel Lora Tamayo. This proposal is the result of our concern for the actual situtation of our youngsters, either students or recent graduates , who face a difficult working situation increased for the lack of businesses in our town. To respond tho this reality, our consortium has created a network of partner organisations and receiving companies who will participate in this project offering our young people the possibility to complete a qualifying training period in different countries of Euope. These countries are: Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal. This multiprofessional project is designed to meet the educational needs of 140 youngsters who are actually studying in any of the participating vocational centres and recent graduates as well. The duration of the project is two years, so we foresee flows of 70 people each year. The participants are studying vocational intermediate cycles in the following families: Management and Administration, Electronic and Automatic Devices, Telecommunication Facilities, Microcomputer Systems, Nursing Assistants, Restoration, Image Laboratory, Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals, Gardening, Trade, Electromechanical Vehicles, Bodywork, Welding, Personal Aesthetics Decorative, Haridressing, Automation, Air conditioning, Electricity, Electronic and Machining. The basic activies we are going to develop are: Describing target group needs, creating the local association, contacting receiving partners, submitting the proposal, giving project information to potential participants and feedback, selection and preparation of participants, preparation of program logistics, describing training intinerary of particpants, cv Europass and letter of motivation, language course, administrative and financial management, agreements, financing and contracts. Follow up of the students in the host countries, validation of the training, evaluation and dissemination of results. The training periods will last for 12 weeks (from January to June 2016 and 2017 and from september-december 2016). Follow up and evaluation of the trainingship. Evaluation of the project. Justification and disemination of the results. Expected outcomes: - Providing participants with practical training as a complement to the theoretical knowledge they gain during their studies. - Promoting professional mobility as a means to get new practical and learning methodologies - Increase the employability of young people, enhancing their professional qualification - Obtaining their qualification certificates - Improving language and socio-cultural skills that will enrich their competences. - Entering the labour market. Expected outcomes for sending and receiving institutions -Contributing to the quality of training of participants and enhancing their possibilities of employability - Improving the Management of European mobility projects being able to apply what we will learn from this project to future calls of proposals. - Introducing new approaches in the selected sectors - Improve vocational training with the exchange of experiences that bring theory and practice together. - Increase networking between businesses and organizations at European level and strengthen relationship among its members. Expected outcomes in the long term: boosting the mobility between our students will promote a new spirit and interest in training in terms of acquiring language skills and professional competence, and they will see new training opportunities for employment, will be aware of the benefits that this kind of experience have had in previous participants, and school drop off will be reduced.



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