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Crecemos con la formación en Europa 4
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The IES Cartuja from Granada submits this Erasmus+ project for the internships in companies of its students and for the Training of its teachers.The mobility of the teachers will consist on job shadowing activities and courses in order to know how the “new teaching methodology and the use of ICT in the field of administrative management ” is working in other European Union countries. Eight teachers and profesionals shared in two flows (4 participants to Portugal and 4 to Italy) would have "job shadowing" activities in educational centres and companies very important in the Administrative and Management field. The Dual Vocational Training is developed in the IES Cartuja in an experimental way and the IES Cartuja is considered a reference school in the implementation of ICT technologies and has received several Prizes and Honour Mentions due to the development of National and European projects.Once that they have started to teach the Dual Vocational Training, the IES Cartuja wants to share its experience with other schools of other European counties and get to know and learn from their experience too. The work fields in these visits would include: getting to know and visit companies and vocational training centres in administrative management field, monitoring strategies, etc.The IES Cartuja is convinced that for the educational improvement it is essential the existence of proceedings of evaluation and dissemination of those experiences contributing to the acquisition of competences by the students. This project is a good opportunity to do so.The project will consist of an activity for 8 teachers and professionals in two flows of 4 participants each with a duration of one week each. The period planned would not disturb the normal running of lessons in the IES, since in that period (April and May) an important number of students would be carrying out the FCT so that it would be easier to replace these teachers in that period.The IES Cartuja is located in one of the poorest quarters of the city of Granada. Therefore, students in this school come from poor families and belong to risk groups. Students work very hard to eliminate social stereotypes and to get a training to help them improve their socioeconomic situation.Today it is necessary to have work experience to find a job. And most important is to develop and demonstrate work experience in other countries, something that is difficult in this environment. Besides, it is essential the acquisition of language skills provided by this type of experience.Through this project we want to ensure equal opportunities for students of Initial Vocational Training from IES Cartuja and students from families with a higher socioeconomic status. The main objective of the project is to give these students a beneficial experience to help them in their personal and professional career in the future.The project for students will be developed in Italy. The IES Cartuja plans to send to Italy two flows: one of four participants and the other of three students of Initial Vocational Trainig (CFGM) with a duration of 72 days each. Through this European experience and this period of training abroad, participants will get to multiply their chances of accessing a quality job.



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