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“Creators not Consumes”
Date du début: 17 déc. 2012,

“Creators not Consumes” is youth exchange that will bring European dimension in Berane,Montenegro throughout young Europeans coming to participate in this project. This youth exchange will bring together to young people from EU and SEE and will provide opportunity to participate in 8 days activities, exchange experiences and reflect about the role that media play in today’s democratic society. They will have a chance to try themselves to “produce” media and thus develop their competencies, become more critical about what they hear and see in media and in same time to discover other cultures, break cultural stereotypes and also to enable young people to reflect about European citizenship, youth participation, democracy, intergenerational solidarity and cooperation etc.Media plays very important role in today’s world. They are prerequisites of democracy, but at the same time they have big influence and especially young people are very often confused by different messages coming across from media. We believe it is very important for young people to understand how media work, be able to work with information and process them and think critically about the information they get. This youth exchange will provide an opportunity for participants to be on the other side to be active creators and become young journalists to create newspapers, radio shows and journalism photos. At the same time, media will be used as a tool to make young people express their opinions about various proposed topics and also participants will be free to propose topics which are interesting and important for them. The results of the project will be published on internet and social networks which are massively used by young people now days and will be disseminated widely among other youth organisations, young people, local communities in the SEE countries and all around Europe. These products will be a great tool to enhance the visibility of this project and Youth in Action programe as well.



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