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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The social media is so full of trends practiced by so many young people particularly and most of them miss creativity. The reason why we want to implement this project is that we feel a need to promote creativity particularly in social media, because we believe that social media is one of the most effective ways nowadays to spread a message for young people to be more creative, innovative and expressive. We also want to show young people that creativity in social media would lead towards more creativity in daily life and in various fields of life of young people. Main objectives of this project are to explore and share traditional and popular cultures among participants of this project; to explore many modern trends of pop culture and of most popular social media sites (,, Twitter and Instagram) in particular; to do small scale researches on various trends in social media by practicing them and trying to engage creativity; to popularize the idea of being creative, innovative and expressive while following trends in social media among young people of EU by creating a new trend on social media and to do a small scale research on it; to improve the awareness among young people of EU of a link between creativity in social media and creativity in various fields of daily life. In this transnational g youth exchange project, we plan to involve 30 participants aged 15-25 with some exceptions of few older participants from Greece, Portugal, Spain, Latvia and the Netherlands. Participants will be selected during early phase of preparation of the project, regarding to their motivation and needs to participate in this project. The backgrounds of participants will be various, including disadvantaged youth. Main planned activities and working methods are going to be: team spirit building games, group works, interactive presentations of participant’s cultures, discussions about culture, popular culture, trends in popular culture and social media, watching of videos and movies, doing a practical research about trends in social media that include practicing various trends of the social media and engaging of creativity in them, educational excursions, planning and implementation of a flash mob in Ioannina, taking of photos and videos, creation of a new creative trend of social media and doing a research on it, creation of social media site of the project’s results, activities for promotion of project’s results, evaluation activities. We expect participants to learn about and be interested in non-formal learning activities and also in opportunities for youth offered by Erasmus+ programme, to gain positive awareness about other cultures, to acquire many competences and attitudes, to get positive impressions about the usage of creativity when doing any social media trends, to use social media for promotion of social causes and to promote it among other youth. We expect a good impact on participating organizations in means of gaining experience, creating partnerships for the future under similar project ideas, to promote creativity among young people, to promote social causes. Target group of this project are youth of EU countries, in particularly from the project partner’s countries. We expect youth to reach the message of creativity and usage of creativity in trends of social media, we expect youth to be more creative in social media while expressing themselves and to use the impact of social media in appositive way. Also, we expect many youth of European countries to read information about this project and to get interested in participation in opportunities offered to youth by Erasmus+ programme. We plan that the social media trend will give a positive impact on one social cause, as it will be decided and planned by partcipants of the project.



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