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Creativity And Reuse for Empowerment
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Promoting sustainable development is one of the key priorities of the European Union. In the framework of 2015 EU year of Development (EU decision 472/2014), it has to point out that development must be based on 3 key dimensions: economic, social & environmental and built through bottom-up approaches involving population by promoting participation and active citizenship. Nevertheless, statistics show that we are far from achieving this benchmark. In fact, even if EU 2020 strategy fixes 20 million people out of risk of social exclusion as headline target, today more than 24% of all the EU population are at risk of poverty or social exclusion and the situation seriously affects young people, Against this background, the EU Youth Strategy points out the need for young people to develop as autonomous citizens, able to live independently, engage in civil society emphasising participation, non-formal and informal learning. Therefore, sustainability, creativity and inclusion are key words to promote empowerment process. CARE believes in the potential of youth work to stimulate such process its objectives are: - to provide youth workers with new tools and skills to promote social inclusion in local communities; - to promote creativity as problem solving approach and as tool to turn problems in opportunities, stimulating empowerment process; - to provide participants with practical skills in creative reuse and recycling as artistic educational activity to reach and involve young people; - to increase awareness about environmental issue and sustainable development; - to learn and exchange good practice on project’s topics especially focusing on the reuse of abandoned spaces and on the development of urban social inclusion projects; - to enhance participants understanding of the role that youth work can have to bring positive social change in the society. In an 8-day training will be involved 36 participants (including 4 trainers and 2 support staff) – youth workers, youth advisers, project leaders, social artists working with young people - coming from 14 EU Countries: Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Slovenia, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Cyprus and Italy. They will be involved in different kind of activities such as: information session about social exclusion, workshops on creative reuse, visit of local example of good practices in the field of creativity and social inclusion , presentations, project planning sessions etc. The main methodologies used will be: creative thinking, experiential learning, cooperative learning, peer learning, learning in the arts, learning through the arts, reciprocal maieutical approach. Thanks to all planned activities, the TC will increase participants’ professional competences providing them with new tools and knowledge to offer young people targeted support and opportunities for positive integration into the society. The TC will increase their ability to address the needs of the disadvantaged, promoting effectiveness and consistency to their job. The impact of the project will go beyond the positive effects to the participants directly involved, encompassing the people they will work with, the participating organisations and other local youth in associations in partners’ country. In a long term perspective, it means that the project will create a virtual cycle of youth professionals able to develop new cooperation and projects generating increased benefits to their local community.



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