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Creativity and Pedagogy - Drama and Adult Education
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is designed in the context of the Erasmus+ Learning Mobility of Individuals and Crossing Borders organizational learning needs as part of its organizational development, particularly in the context of its current development and expansion to serve more youth and educators in Denmark, in Europe and beyond. Hence, the background of the project stems from the needs to develop our capacity, exchange and share better practices with partner organizations, based in the different regions in Europe, in tandem with the needs to improve on the current staff skills and to develop new ones in order to meet the growing educational needs of Crossing Borders. Therefore, the objectives of our project are to enhance our staff skills and networks in order to expand our educational services as well as to share and exchange better practices with fellow European partners. for mutual benefits. As described above, the number of participants are 6 who are actively involved in the development of Crossing Borders youth Hub, youth work and educational activities with schools and educators. Thus the profile of participants reflect the diversity of Crossing Borders staff with their different cultural, academic, skills and gender backgrounds, but they all share keen interests in inter-cultural collaboration, non-formal education, using creativity and forum theatre as a methods for participatory teaching and learning methods. The activities of the project will comprise the development of concise and comprehensive infopack of the project objectives, target groups, activities, partners and expected outcomes, recruitment, preparation and sending off of participants, training, evaluation, dissemination and exploitation and integration of learning outcomes, follow up and further development of the project results for the improvement of the Erasmus+ programme. The methodology to be based on the non-formal and participatory adult education approach using a wide variety of creative and learner centered, inter active approaches. The results and impact envisaged and the potential longer term benefits of the project comprised the following: - strengthened organizational capacity and clearer organizational learning policies and strategies of Crossing Borders - enhance partnerships among the project partner organizations through the sharing and exchange of better practices - the development and design of new and more creative pedagogical contents and methods by Crossing Borders - the expansion of more qualified staff and youth workers in the partners organizations - the promotion and integration of creative teaching and learning methods - increased visibility of the new Erasmus+ programme in the schools Crossing Borders carries out educational activities - improved collaboration among organizations active in the adult education and youth work fields



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