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Creative Zone
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Creative Zone" will be a Youth Exchange to be held in Cádiz, Spain during the month of March of 2016, where youngsters and youth workers from Spain, Serbia, Georgia, Estonia, Hungary and Greece will gather to discuss, learn, and exchange knowlege to raise awarenes about social entrepreneurship (SE) and building their capacity to explore and spread the idea of entrepreneurship and social issues using non-formal education methods. This Youth Exchange is born from the discussion of the partners that defined the need of raising public awareness about social entrepreneurship topic as a tool to fight against social problems, more specifically on youth unemployment and this way support social inclusion of young people. To help to achieve this aim, "Creative Zone" will pursue the following objectives: - To explore the concept of Social entrepreneurship and its promotion as a tool for social transformation. - To empower participants with practical experience by visit study to an actual Social Enterprise. - To create a Social Entrepreneurship brochure to be promoted and spread in social networks in general and youth workers network in particular. - To promote the creation of youth interactions, networks and new partnerships among participants. - To foster the participation of young people in their society, empowering them to make a step forward to be the change their realities need. The project is designed in the way that it develops such skills of participants as entrepreneurship, digital, social skills, and multilingualism in the field of youth. A part from this, project promotes active citizenship and intercultural dialogue, enhances the international dimension of youth activities and strengthens cooperation in between Programme and Partner Countries. At the end of the project, we expect participants’ raised awareness on SE topic and strengthened capacities to share this knowledge back to their communities. We also expect enriched experience and stronger cooperation among partner organizations, so as they will have a chance to create a network of empowered and inspired youngsters who will assist in multiplying youth exchange results back to local communities.



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