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Creative Youth
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project connects 7 partners on EVS and the project is follow up of project Creative youth from previous deadline. We will educate active youngsters from SFERA Russia, KASA Armenia, LINK Italy to improve their communication skills in English, their knowledge from ERASMUS+ program and intercultural learning in June 2015. One way how they can valorizate their skills from the training to take a part on EVS projects. KERIC as a coordinator of the project will send 5 volunteers for shortterm EVS to Russia to SFERA, our longterm partner and send 4 volunteers for long term EVS to four different organisation. KERIC has previous cooperation within EVS with 2 of them (SFERA Russia and KASA Armenia). By cooperating with partner organisations whom we know, we are able to provide a good base for high-quality and successful EVS projects involving mainly youth with fewer opportunities. We will start new cooperation with two new partners LYVS Belarus, where we will send Kristína Dovhunová and ISCON Sweden, where we will send Michal Krokovič, volunteer with very serious health problems. Both volunteers are from geograficly isolated area. KERIC will host one volunteer from Russia (11 months), one volunteer from Italy (11 months) and one volunteer from Netherlands (11 months). The hosting is continuing of long-term process in local community. KERIC is bringing international dimension to everyday life of Čadca. The local network of parnters: social organisations, cultural and education educations cooperate with our international team and this cooperation support community life and children, young people and local community are more open minded and sensitive for foreigners. The objective of the project is to enable young people aged 18 to 30 to do EVS abroad for 31 days or long term between 4 and 12 months with the aim to gain intercultural experience, raise European awareness and fight against prejudice against foreigners. The project will contribute to personal and proffessional development of the volunteers with the aim to find a job in the future as well as help the people from local communities to become more open and tolerant towards foreigners, or people different from them. The activities of the volunteers very depending on the host organisation. Generally, the volunteers will support the local communinty, work with children and youth - organise workshops, awareness activities, cultural and sport clubs, information and presentation activities about EVS. The methods of work follow the principles of non-formal education. We will select volunteers with fewer opportunities.



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