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Creative teaching at secondary school
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Within the scope of our Project - Creative teaching at secondary school , we took part take part in the course of English and Spanish language and a course of using of tablets and iPads in teaching English and other subjects. We had set the main objectives of the project and we can say that these courses met them. Here are some of the project targets : - to use modern interactive methods aimed at students and development of communicative and creative skills, - to develop and improve communicative competences in foreign language, vocabulary and stylistics on all levels, - to improve and make use of new methods of teaching languages via cultural and social aspect in form of information about the world along with acquiring information about society and its specific features, - to exchange information, useful advice and ideas, - to watch and take part on various activities connected to problem solving aimed at tuition didactics and motivation of students, – the courses were international with the participation of various European countries and there is future possibility to create a common monitoring educational network and/or school partnerships, - to exchange ideas of participants, compare the ideas and introduce new ones to schools and thus to contribute to the development of the European plan of education, - to create a healthy and creative educational environment with positive performance and success, - to take part on all activities and benefits of the course and, subsequently, to use them in practice as well as share with colleagues. - to inform about advantages and disadvantages of social media, curation and latest web2.0 tools usages in educational processes. - to show best practice approaches and practical examples for using the social media and curation tools and methods in education in different countries. - to teach responsible and safe use of social media, curation and latest web 2.0 and new media. - to identify and review social media, curation and latest web 2.0 applications for educators; news and media applications useful for educators and their students. - introduce group sharing sessions to enable applying the social media and curation in classroom settings. English language as well as Spanish language are the subjects of school leaving exams what requires a lot of improvement in teaching methods, up-grading and motivation towards the students in order to improve the profile of the school graduate. We as an educational institution wanted to take part in the Project, not only because of individual benefits, but mainly because the activities and outcomes of the Project are closely connected with the needs and interests of school development and are in accord with fast developing world, especially in the area of technologies. Within optional subjects, we will offer to our students different extra curicular activities: - creative writing,   - Annual mini-festival of Hispanic film - At school we run an online magazine in English language and it is necessary to continue in learning the most advanced ICT to better exploit its advantages - Students must have contact with the real language and that is still evolving. It is necessary for teachers to be informed and up to date training. - We are interested in promoting the city to help our environment. Disclose information to foreigners in foreign languages on the Internet using digital technology, describe the different areas of tourist interest, carry out international projects. Training programmes offer an excellent opportunity to create an international network on both, individual and school level, and thus improves and supports European cooperation, contacts and school partnerships. All of the above helps our schools to improve their mission on an international level.