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Creative leisure and cultural diversity
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Kultur & Fritid/Ungdomsavdelningen (Culture & Leisure/Youth Department) in the municipal of Sundsvall, Sweden, runs 11 Youth Clubs placed in different local living areas. The activity in the youth clubs varies from sports-, cultural-, handicraft activities. Youth clubs can also just be a venue for youngsters. During school leaves we organize camps, travels and team-building events for the same target group. For the young disabled people we carry out specially designed activities to fit them and their special needs. In the youth department we also provide designed activities available for young people with a specific interest , such as; activities which encourages youth democratic impact, audio studios, music arenas, recording and production of music, photo and moviemaking activities, skateboard and theatre. The venue Unga Magasinet (Young Magazine) established 2011, for youngsters in the ages of 16-25 focus on multicultural events, where European participants will implement most of their work. We are hosting, sending & coordinating organization, since 10 years and we believe we have established a good working environment for the participants that join us. To summarize previous participants own experience, they have let us known that they have felt included and that they had a good possibility to make their own stamp in our work together with young people in the municipality of Sundsvall. In our project the participants that we host, will experience such a diverse and highly instructive EVS, as it is possible for us to give them. We are experienced in hosting youngsters from all over Europe. We have gained great knowledge from youngsters we have hosted, about European cultures and social behavior. We know that people with various origins enriches our organization and participants, in a very educational and rewarding way. The projects’ objectives are: *improvement of language skills *intercultural awareness *promotion of mobility and informal, lifelong learning. Our project provides young people with a pallet of cultural diversity and great opportunities to learn. We want to stimulate young (especially disadvantaged young) peoples’ active participation in society. Values like cultural diversity and creativity are characteristic for our project. We want to attract youngsters to participate in planning, organizing and in the execution of multi-cultural events. European participants in our project should of course have a big interest in people in general and particularly in young people with (mostly disadvantaged youngsters). Participants should have a genuine interest in his/her own achieving in learning new things, be independent enough to create and proceed in different own initiated projects. It is also an advantage for participants applying for our project, that he/she has knowledge and experience in some kind of creating activities, preferably in the themes of film, sport, handicraft, mobility adventures and art of any kind. Open-minded, ethical conscious and social equipped participants will be given a preferential treatment. Participants should be in the ages of 20-30. Participants with driving license are prioritized. We apply two times each year, to host 2 European participants, overlapping each other. The result and long term benefits of the project should be that we have succeeded to have: encouraged participants to find their own will to future learning and higher education, to be mobile and to improve their key competences and skills enhanced international networking amongst youth worker and youngsters initialized new, international contacts in the youth field initialized youth worker to future international cooperation with organizations in the youth field enhanced everyones right to be included and supported in action and accomplishments



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