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Creative leisure and cultural diversity
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are convinced that the presence in our organization of young people from other countries in Europe will support us to spur the youth in Sundsvall to be moveable in local areas as well as in Europe. We want, with the help of participants from various areas in Europe and youths in our city, display the wide chart of possibilities of alternative options in finding knowledge through practical work as a complement or instead of achieving knowledge through traditional formal learning. We want to give the participants conditions to share their knowledge about their country, their culture and their democratic values. We want to, between youngsters in our city and participants from other countries, share and develop strategies in work issues like youth democracy and youth participation through culture and leisure activities.Our project addresses 3 participants per year, overlapping each other. Participants do their EVS during a period of 12 months. Activities will be implemented by participants in youth venues in our city, together with youngsters attending the venues. Methods which will be used during our projects are; democratic values by using influence staircase, displays and seminars. Evaluation methods will be used, such as: questionnaire, Youth Pass meetings and learning plan. Learning by doing is a method which will be used in the overall work with youngsters, to seek answers to issues mentioned by youngsters visiting our venues.The participants in our project will enhance their cultural awareness and knowledge of the multitude of Europe. Together with young people from other European countries, will this project encourage youngsters to initiate own projects within Erasmus+ in the future. But also to share information about the program to other youngsters, their experiences gained and promoted by this project. Local society, such as schools, unions, organizations and study organizations, youth venues such as youth clubs will broaden their knowledge in the possibility to involve participants within Erasmus+. Youth workers will be supported to work for encouraging youngsters in aim to development in both basic and transversal skills. Entrepreneurship and digital skills in youth venues can initiate future projects by youth workers and implemented by the attending youths in youths clubs. Participant in our project will spur youngsters to broaden their language skills through practical and fun methods like competitions, voting, questionnaires, human libraries etc.Our projects’ objectives are:1. Learning by doing as an alternative and complement to theoretical learning 2. Validation supported by Youth Pass meetings and Youth Pass Certificates 3. Democracy and participation 4. Quality work in the youth areaOur projects’ issues we would like to seek and discover possible answers to, are:1. Learning by doing and do it yourself-philosophy – Youth Clubs work increases employability by youngsters with knowledge from practical experiences and practical work?2. Youth democracy – does youth democracy and participation increase in our organization by using and implementing the tool “Inflytandetrappan”?3. Quality youth work in our youth venues – does networking with other organizations by enhancing and using digital tools and Social Media help to increase our knowledge about youth work?



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