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Date du début: 18 mai 2016, Date de fin: 17 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The GENERAL OBJECTIVE of the project is to raise awareness and enable all young people to their role in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, which aims to Europa2020, through the creation of educational programs aimed at the enhancement of creativity and skills of young people with social difficulties for facilitate them in finding a job and then in civil society, thanks to the presence of 6 EUROPEAN VOLUNTEERS that, through this learning experience, will, in line with the overall objectives of Erasmus +, acquire new soft skills, a new language and a greater awareness of their being active European citizens and advocates of social change.The volunteers, from Croatia, Romania, Poland, France and Spain will be welcomed for 10 months at 3 host organizations in the province of Vicenza are engaged in activities to promote social inclusion of all young people and will be involved in follow-up and support children, young people and homeless young people or immigrants with a view to their integration and social and economic participation, with particular reference to the inclusion in the labour market.The method of work will be involved both in the cooperation between the partners and for the implementation of activities of the volunteers, they can achieve a personal project based on their abilities and interests.It will be appreciated the dimension of the group as an element of peer support between volunteers and growing together through the organization of a joint training welcome (Welcome training) and a cross-project aimed at creating a community of practice for sharing on how creative through which to promote the employability of youth.The project will have a positive impact in terms of sharing of knowledge, learning, practice and motivation on the volunteers, organizations and partners on young people with fewer opportunities involved, creating synergy, networking and meeting opportunities and additional strategic partnerships to build an integrated system Inclusion at European level and facilitate access to the economic participation of young people with fewer opportunities.The project is addressed to children, young people, especially those with fewer opportunities for which it is more difficult to access the opportunity to participate fully in economic and community life. The project aims to create spaces /opportunities (Lands), where through the enhancement of the creativity of each every young person can develop skills and new learning and feel unique bearer resource that can be used in the world of work in structured contexts or to build together also in view of entrepreneurship. The project aims to chart a new course, back from the periphery to the center of these young people, develop their talents and skills and make them protagonists of the territory, all forms, including economic marginalization.



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