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Date du début: 10 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 9 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will take place in Malta between October 2014 and September 2015. 5 participants, including those with fewer opportunities, coming from four different countries, three of which are EU member states, will meet in Malta to carry out voluntary services. Such services shall be carried out through the organisation's various outreach programmes for children and young people. The different backgrounds of all participating volunteers will bring together different skills and competencies. They will work together to further develop and acquire new skills and sharpen their academic knowledge , supported and guided by the experienced staff of our organization. Thanks to various hands-on activities, participants will engage with local sports persons, artists and creatives to develop their understanding of the creative sector and learn how to recognise various form of activity in this sector. They shall be given the necessary tools and resources to further develop their skills or knowledge. The aim of this project is to cultivate an innovative community of young artists and creative practitioners that can create a pool of local and foreign knowledge concerning artistic activity and collaboratively develop diverse practices. Such action shall empower artists and creative people through an awareness of available resources and possible solutions. The planned direct engagement with children from different social backgrounds shall promote active citizenship and motivate participants to remain active citizens in their respective European community, involving themselves in both local and international projects. We would be working collaboratively with the Education Sector, creative artists/practitioners (writers, painters, musicians, sculptors, actors etc.) and other sectors of the creative economy (technology, design, etc) , utilizing non-formal teaching methods and non classroom environment. Four main objectives respond directly to the needs of young people in their efforts towards self-development. The potential outcome may be the creation of self-managed enterprises in the art, culture, creativity and sport sector. 1. To create, share and connect with other like-minded individuals and become a catalyst to the success of each other imagination 2. To promote active citizenship among the young generation 3. To develop entrepreneurial and management skills 4. To promote healthy behaviours, social inclusion and active participation of young people through the promotion of the practice of grassroots sport and outdoor activities. Participants shall be volunteering in four different programmes run by MOVE. These target children and young people between the age of 5 to 16 years. 1. MOVE 18 An outreach programme which seeks to promote Valletta's rich culture and history through creativity and innovation. The programme is part of Valletta 2018 European Capital of culture, and it is supported by Valletta 2018 Foundation and Valletta Local Council. The activities take place in Valletta and are usually organised in various squares and gardens of the city. Some activities are also organised in museums, libraries or other historic places. The methodology is based on non-formal and informal learning, and the activities include development and implementation of creative workshops, treasure hunts, traditional games activities, innovative games, sports activities, social and cultural events. 2.The Great Outdoors - An outdoor sports programme to make meaningful curriculum connections through relevant experiences outside of the classroom. Besides the fun aspect, the activities encourage moral and ethical responsible behaviour, sportsmanship, cooperation and develop leadership skills. The activities take place in various locations around the island. The methodology is based on non-formal learning and the activities include cycling, trekking, sailing, climbing, abseiling, kayaking and more 3. Sports Activities Programme - Various sports activities such as sports days, trekking, double dutch sessions , dance and fitness sessions in schools to beat obesity etc.. The activities take place in various schools, gyms, and outdoor areas including beaches. The methodology is based on non-formal learning and the activities include various fun and innovative games. 4. Be Creative From illustration to photography, art, music and design, the programme provides the perfect platform for all kinds of talent to exhibit their work and gain exposure. The activities include various workshops, the creation of "what's on ?" an online newsletter, promoting alternative opportunities for young people and relevant information regarding erasmus + programmes, creation of online directory of creative young people, marketing and promotion via social networks, website design, and the creation and development of individual projects and ideas. Children's Art Festival.



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