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CreatIVe Eco Thinking
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 16 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth exchange “C.IV.E.T. - CreatIVe Eco Thinking” gather together 25 young people from 5 different European countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia and Macedonia) and gave them the opportunity to create various hands-on group activities related to the topic of creative recycling and Urban Eco-sustainability. In the partnership were involved five youth organisations: Tamat NGO as applicant and Mladiinfo International, Youthfully Yours Gr, OportunidadEuropa, Mladiinfo Croatia as partners, while the project activities were financed under the Erasmus + programme. The activities were carried out from 19th to 26th of January 2015 in Perugia, Italy, the capital of Umbria Region which is a medieval hill town with old-stone buildings and cafes located in the historical part of the city. Perugia is particular for its charming city centre full of small streets where art associations have their headquarters. Those small streets was the location were participants had the chance to meet people from five different countries (Italy, Croatia, Macedonia, Spain, Greece), spend together one week and jointly carry out an activity programme designed and prepared by them before the Exchange. Through the involvement of different artistic workshop organized together with the volunteers of the association “Fiorivano le viole” they had the change to use their creativity and produce crafts using recycled, free and cheap materials. During the implementation of the project activities, participants were supported by local volunteers/artists active in different non-profit cultural associations from Perugia that excels in creating gorgeous and unique products by using discarded materials provided by their associated. They had the opportunity to learn how to develop a project of recycling art and which is the impact on the local environment. In the same way, the project aimed to enhance the practical skills and enrich the key competences of the youth involved in the activities with the aim to increase their employability. The exchange was also an intercultural learning experience, a meeting of cultures and competences that promotes intercultural awareness among the entire group. Participants were all young enthusiasts, motivated and opened for new experiences in life with keen interest in art and/or environmental issues. Among the objectives, we wanted to sensitize the general public on environmental issues and encourage the active participation of young people in initiatives that are useful for the community but in the same way also creative and enjoyable for the public. Part of the works (objects) produced during the workshops was exposed at the end of the project activities in the fortes Rocca Paolina located in the centre of Perugia. The whole place was transformed into a factory of creative ideas made by recycled materials. The other part of the works (objects) were exposed in “Via della Viola”, the street of amateur artists were local population is still having the chance to see the outputs of the project CIVET. “Via della Viola” is considered by locals a sort of open space gallery. During the whole implementation process participants were encouraged to produce media material (photos, videos, testimonials, etc.) of the project that was shared on social media and partner websites with the aim to give the most visibility as possible to the whole initiative.



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