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Creating Flood Emergency Response Team in Latvia and Lithuania Cross Border Region (Flood)
Date du début: 31 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Latvia and Lithuania flood has always been one of most common accidents, causing most damage. As climate is rappidly changing nowadays, the problem becomes more serious – in addition to spring and fall floods the storm originated winter floods arise more often. Records show that floods become more comon in both Latvia and Lithuania and it is getting harder to forecast them, water floods places where it never happened before. Both regions have lots of rivers and other water bodies which increases flood risk so it is important to be always prepaired and cooperate fighting this disaster. Only common actions can assure effective elimination of flood consequences. As flood does much damage to environment, people and whole region Šiauliai and Zemgale fire and rescue services together with Šiauliai and Jelgava city municipalities decided to unite in fighting this disaster. The project aims to improve civil defence efficiency and cooperation in fighting against the effects caused by flood. Project objective is to create a common Latvian-Lithuanian team which would be able to eliminate the flood consequences, pump the water out of impure territory when water level drops and prevent submergence of strategicaly important objects durring the flood. Subobjectives: • to create a team for eliminating consequences of flood; • to arrange practical and theoretical trainings for the team members; • to continue exchanging experience of flood preventing and eliminating its consequences with other EU countries; • to purchase the equipment necesarry for efficient water pumping out of flooded territories and for repairing and reinforcing the banks. The flood consequence eliminating team will be created. The team will consist of 15 people from Latvia and 15 from Lithuania. Each country will have 10 representatives of fire and rescue services and 5 representatives of other institutions (civil protection departments in municipalities, public utility service providers etc.). The team will have its own name, the special outfit and logo will be created, team memberts will participate in practical and theoretical trainings. In order to assure effective work of the team the equipment necessary for eliminating flood consequences and reinforcing the banks will be purchased. In order to continue cooperation with other EU fire and rescue service providers the experience exchange events will be organised. During these trips partners representatives will be able to meet flood consequence eliminating methods used by other countries, gain both practical and theoretical knowledge. Expected Results: The Flood Consequence Ellimination Team will be established and equiped with all necessarry equipment. This team will work on eliminating damage conducted by flood, rescuing people from flooded territories, stopping the spread of flood water. Lithuanian and Latvian representatives of institutions working in the field of civil protection will form a team of 30 people together with fire and rescue officers. This team will be trained to manage cosequences of floods, prevent strategical objects from damage of flood water. The technical bases for the team will also be formed by buying new equipment for elimination of flood consequences.



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