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Creating ConneXNs: viewing art in Youth Work
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This seminar will connect youth workers/ professionals working with youth from across Europe and cultural practitioners to explores the theme of 'art' in Youth Work. The seminar will address the complexities of creating, participating and viewing art within the youth work environment. It will provide and develop strategies, solutions and discussions as well as supporting workers to seek new ways to develop new partners, reach new, greater audiences and participation for arts within Youth Work. The event will be delivered through a programme of presentations, discussion, events, actions, activities, conversation in relation to art in youth work. The programme will aim to connect different cultures and experiences of art in youth work. Creating ConneXNs will begin a conversation that starts to track existing art in youth work. We will bring together 30 young workers, professionals who work with young people and artists/ socially engaged practitioners with an interest in working in youth work. This connections will create new hubs and areas of interest for future development, and a vehicle for continued learning in art in youth work as well as provision for peer support. Youth Work exists to give to young people new opportunities and develop skills. Youth work is an ideal environment for young people to experience art as well as supporting the work of change and development in the sector. This project will allow us to build new partnerships, gain new alliances, new ideas and contribute towards shaping art in youth work practices in Ireland. An event like this is important as it places emphasis on the value of art in regards to young people's engagement.The project will provide stronger links to a European partner which will hopefully expand to further exchanges and partnerships within other areas of Erasmus. This project will plant seeds for the future and motivate work to be viewed through the lens of art practices.



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