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Creating common didactical tasks and guidelines, and the evaluation of the student's results in media professions
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The sending institute “The Communal Vocational Institute for Bookbinding and Photography at the BSZ Alois Senefelder in Munich wants to intensify the longtime cooperation and the positive experiences (even with certificate). Parallelly it is the aim to put the project structure on a more broad and long-term joint basis. Several departments of the BSZ Alois Senefelder would like to teach a project completely in the English language. We were pleased several times by our partners to deepen the relationship and to develop a common project. This project aims to cover the basic learning fields in both partner countries and should be finally included in the didactical annual programme in both countries. Experimentally there was financed a pilot experiment by the Finnish partner, and it was performed positively by the sending institute in autumn 2013. The sending institute wants to build up on these positive experiences. Due to several conversations by mail and telephone of the coordinator with the possible participants and partner coordinators in Finland, the common needs were cleared up. Such a project should be performed within one and maximum two block releases. For this there should be developed guidance texts, learning maps, ability list, methodical lists for an exemplary unit of a lesson. The materials for learning and the plans for the lessons, maybe even yet existing working results of the students can be provided and could be customized for other schools via the homepages of the partners. The participants who take part in the project should be young subsequent teachers, who have just successfully passed their traineeship and are going to teach in the departments print and media design at the sending institution. They are thought to be accompanied by two experienced teachers of the department of photography during the project. These participants will elaborate the guidance text from the beginning of the project and will synchronize gradually with the Finnish colleagues. Preferably they finish the project with attending the working places and evaluate the working results. The attendances of five participants will take each one week during the whole project (2 years). Thereby the participants should attend lessons in the destination as well as there should take place combined lessons and an assimilation of the learning materials. In the forefront there can be a coordination via mail and cloud. With the help of reviews and amendments the participants – together with the Finnish colleagues - should complete and round up the teaching materials in the destination Finland. The choice of the topics - considering the teaching fields of all institutes and the above-mentioned agreements – includes the common focus areas graphic design resp. media design, graphic art resp. non-industrial and individual printing techniques as well as video including D-SLR for the traineeship of photographers. The first modular unit to be developed for design resp. media design shall be creative with typography and interdisciplinary. With the aid of a creative typography experiment interacting with objects and light there should be developed new typographic characters and images which could establish a new design vocabulary. The second modular unit aims interdisciplinary to all professional groups: the printers, the media designers or photographers. The photographers e.g. take photos of encountered characters and letters in town with a mobile camera or a professional camera, as they come along with the different encountered and overlapped elements in the city scape. Out of this the students sketch, develop and draw their monogram/logo and refine it with graphic elements. Then the monogram should be printed on a t-shirt or other textiles via e.g. screen printing. The section of photography including image editing with Photoshop takes place for about two days; additional two days can be planned for the actual production with printing. On the 5th day a final presentation will be held in the plenum. Maybe there's a third modular unit to be developed, including a guidance text for video photographers. For this, teams should create a storyboard, film it with the D-SLR, cut it and present it finally.


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