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Creating access to the art of photography for young people with disabilities (Photo Youth)
Date du début: 15 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 29 juin 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Former Soviet countries including Latvia and Russia still lack equal opportunities for all inhabitants to get additional education thereby rising their competitiveness in labour market. Skills to take photos and treat them by using computer programmes can foster integration of young people with disabilities in society and give them new chance of development.The project aims to contribute to improving the living standards in the Programme area, and more specifically - promoting people to people cooperation towards social inclusion and against discrimination. All people have the right to education and to be respected as learners, right to education also means right receive appropriate, customized and effective education. Unfortunately, many teachers and social workers lack of tools and methods to adapt teaching for young people with disabilities. Therefore the overall objective of project is to improve living standards and provide equal access to the additional education for young people with disabilities. The specific objectives of this project are to: 1. To elaborate new teaching method in cooperation of teachers, students, photographers and other local stakeholders. 2. To improve communication, learning and applying knowledge for young people with disabilities through art of photography. 3. To promote cooperation of local municipalities, special education establishments and other institutions of the Programme region in the field of education, culture and social care. To achieve this, Partners will organise two teachers seminars to exchange the experience and elaborate new teaching method of art of photography for young people with different kind of disabilities. The photographers-experts consultations will be organised in each partner city. The methodology will be approbated at students workshops in each partner organisation. The joint summer Photo camp will be organised to exchange teaching methods and achieved results.Final conference and local dissemination events are targeted at mainstream and special educators of arts that might use the results of project, as well as policy-makers and other stakeholders benefiting from the project. Project web page, travelling exhibition and information in the mass media is targeted to all groups. Achievements: Outputs 300 students from Riga, Vyborg and Pskov gained new professional skills in visual arts • 60 teachers educated and consulted on new methodology in seminars • Summer Photo Camp in Pskov for young people with different disabilities from Latvia and Russia organized • Computers, color printers and photo cameras purchased and after professional consultations used by youngsters • Travelling photo exhibition created and showed in prominent places in Riga, Vyborg, St.Petersburg, Pskov and Open Days in Brussels (in total 12 exhibitions organized) • 300 copies of Project Book and documentary DVDs produced • 15 institutions (special education institutions and orphanages) involved • Web platform and blog established Results • Through new skills on how to work and communicate in e-environment further contacts between partners ensured • Profession of photographer with possibility to get further education in this direction chosen by young disabled people • Enhanced possibilities to enter the labour market for young people with disabilities • Project contributed in change the general attitude by most social groups towards people with disabilities as capable of achievements in the art of photography • Raised self-esteem of people with disabilities • New method of teaching of art of photography for young people with disabilities elaborated, adopted and used • School life showed in photos in school magazines with the help of young reporters • Programmes on hobby education in art of photography approved by schools equipped in the project • Teaching of other children with disabilities in art of photography continued by trained teachers • Participating regions promoted through photography



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