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#Create_collaboratively #Teach_Locally #Share_Globally #Act_Sustainably
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We believe that the best learning always takes place when the students have a desire to learn, and this interest is related to how close the studied subject is to their own lives. Our students are concerned about the future of the planet and the United Nations stresses the importance of the active participation of young people in decision-making because it will have a deep impact on present and future generations. In order to have all young members of civil society be actively engaged in sustainable development, Europe’s school systems will need to focus on improving the level of highly-skilled students as well as promoting actions to teach basic and transversal skills. Four schools from Spain, Belgium, Germany and Greece will participate in this project that will teach our students to work collaboratively, share globally and teach locally in order to be more sustainable. #Create_Collaboratively: We will make our pupils aware of and think about the importance of being a sustainable citizen. We will mainly focus on four major issues: water, food, waste and energy. Our students will analyze their own environmental behaviour and the possibilities of improving it over time in order to reevaluate the effect of their personal behaviour on a global level by designing and creating a set of activities using CLIL methodology. #Teach_Locally: After thinking and creating on a collaborative level, our pupils will experience the importance of working locally, teaching younger kids. This part of the project focuses on using foreign languages, making connections, seeing patterns, understanding the subjects and transferring their learning to others. #Share_Globally: All the output created will be shared globally. Our pupils will improve their digital skills. ICT tools and the use of open practices will increase the effectiveness of education, more personalised learning, a better learning experience and improved use of resources. All the outcomes will be shared via eTwinning, the project’s website, and the EST-database/ Erasmus+ database. All created material will be open to everyone.



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