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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Exchanges - Programme Countries Venue: Nuremberg, Germany Date: 27.12.2015-04.01.2016 Number of participants: 36 Number of facilitators:3 Countries involved: Romania, Italy, Poland., Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany. APV - Programme Countries Venue: Nuremberg, Germany Date: 27.11.15-30.11.15 Number of participants - 12 Countries involved: Romania, Italy, Poland., Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany. The first idea for this project came up already a year ago among the group of young people from different countries, who were spending their time making creative ideas for hacks that can improve their everyday life. We decided to create an open and totally free space for generating such a creative ideas in different fields, evoking young people`s creativity in order to realise innovative projects helping young people to find themselves better in the labour market. Through this youth exchange we also want to encourage the youngsters to make a change in their lives to improve, to grow and to catch the different opportunities for employment and improve their key competences which are so important in active participation. Therefore the main idea for this project is to create such a free open space for generating innovations, learn how to manage innovations, realise innovative projects and implement them into daily lifes of young people and youth associations. We expect also to start more international projects of different nature together with our partners. Objectives of the youth exchange are: - Create friendly, inspirational, creative space for sharing and learning; - Setting the ground for the topic of the project and introducing the opportunities of non-formal education; - Generating creative ideas making life easier and future projects developing some of them; - improving peer to peer learning through sharing ideas and feedback giving; - Embedding new ideas into local societies of our organisations - connecting innovations with needs; - Video shooting and editing as one of the outcomes of the project; - Promote active participation, volunteering and raising awareness of opportunities for youth.



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