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Creactive Lycian Youth
Date du début: 4 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 3 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Creactive Lycian Youth Project is a Multilateral Youth Mobility Project that is going to be organized by Lycian Pathfinders (TR) Youth Group and by the active participation of 7 partners. The project is going to be performed both in Demre and Kaş (Antalya) and on the Lycian Way paths between both of the towns. The arrival date of project is 22nd April 2016 whilst departure date is 5th May 2016. Targeting the Young People, objectives of Creactive Lycian Youth Project are: 1- Supporting young people to recognize the natural/usual links between social life and democratic life especially by means of sport and cultural activities. 2- Increasing the young people's sense of belonging to EU values/EU citizenship and supporting them to increase their will to be participatory for the future of their societies. 3- Improving young people's self-confidence and competences in order to foster them to have a voice and to speak with their own words for the terms of Democracy, Citizenship, EU Citizenship and Active Participation.Lycian Pathfinders have identified that young people (i) are abstaining active participation both in social and democratic life in national and EU level. Furthermore, young people (ii) are lacking eagerness and sense of belonging to the terms of EU Citizenship and EU Values. Considering these problems Lycian Pathfinders -with it its partners- targeting the young people and intending to fulfill Creactive Lycian Youth Project's objectives and making a contribution to abovementioned problems.Project partners are Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia and Turkey. Each partner is going to provide 5 participants (age limit 18-29) including 1 leader and considering gender equality in their team. Participants are going to participate actively and each partner is obliged to provide 2 participants for the Board of Directors, the main structure of the project. Board of Directors is primarily responsible for designing activities and will be voted by (Vote of Conficende) all participants -at the end of the project- in order to measure their success level. Board of Directors is also responsible for creating opportunities for participants to make them feature for designing the activities and actively participating in. Furthermore, all participants are going to be voting for the Vote of Confidence for the Board of Directors to evaluate the level of their success. But this evaluation is not only limited with Board of Directors also including the sessions if participant made enough critics or positively fostered them, briefly if the participants were Active Citizens of Lycian Youth. Board of Directors will prepare a survey/questionnaire about EU Citizenship and Human Rights for the participants if the project is approved. All participants will fill this survey in before the project activities and have two sessions to update and improve this survey. Participants will make this survey with people and international young people at social networks.Trekking and camping activities of the project will last 3 nights are 4 days separated into 4-5 different groups that have certain and concrete project responsibilities for each path. We plan to have several kilometres of distance between each trekking groups on Demre-Kaş Lycian Way Paths. For camping at nights, groups will unite in a previously decided are and there will be short sessions about the day and group responsibilities. Briefly; active and functional participation of participants and partners leads to having a decision making and an election power in the project that includes the self-assessment of participants and self-critics of the facilitators who have already been an indispensible part of the project. There will be also morning sport sessions, first aid training and implementation Erasmus+ Youth Programme , Youthpass sessions, De Bono 6Hats Evaluation, Debating Sessions, Public Speech, 5Art 1Topic, Blog Designing, Cultural Nights and even more. All the activities are going to be designed in accordance with the objectives of the project and providing active participation by the wide and quality support of informal and non-formal education methodologies.Function of Board of Directors, Survey preparation and implementation, Bullet Box activity etc. and as a whole Creactive Lycian Youth Project will effect the young participants positively especially about recognizing the natural links between social and democratic life, improving their self-confidence and expressing themselves and improving their knowledge about EU Values and what EU Citizenship means.



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