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Creación y coordinación de eventos circenses en grandes festivales artísticos.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project consists of selecting 9 individuals from Associació Valenciana de Circ (AVC) to send them to the host organisation for a practice of two weeks around management, forming and set up of a large circus event at an international festival. The host organisation is Magyar Zsonglőr Egyesület that takes part in the Ozora festival in August 2015. The objectives are: - To provide training and basic experience in the production , organization and implementation of a big scale circus event related with other performing arts. - To develop skills such as teamwork, planning and react to unexpected setbacks being common in the circus profession. - To develop and exchange circus skills. - To build teams, following the essence of traditional Circus integrated with contemporary circus, which is diversity, mobility, nomadism. This requires a continuous melting of companies, a continuous mix of creative people and artists from anywhere and in every circumstance. - To contribute to learning and improving English, the international language in all regions and especially necessary in Circus, related to the previous point. The selected team will be heterogeneous, covering different trades in the circus profession, to collaborate directly with the various departments of the hosting organization, to evolve the various lines of work and portray a united vision. Through this we will ontain a practical training on themes that cut across the artistic disciplines. Beyond the technical knowledge and skills of each artist, training in management, safety, scheduling, bookings, insurance, communication, coordination of groups, etc. will be offered. All this is needed for a circus artist. Usually a performer also has the task of managing their own company.