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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

It is not always easy for a hairdresser to manage its own lounge and attract enough customers to remain profitable. Even the French TV channel (TF1) devotes a show "My hairdresser is in peril" to find solutions through the welcome, the decor, organizational, training, ... The hairdresser is a qualified person that trains and educates its staff in new techniques, hygiene and safety. It has perfect knowledge of his profession (artistic and creative sense), he has the business sense and relationship, he is rigorous. He manages its own lounge or works for a large group, he can also be trade commissioner to represent a brand of hair cosmetics, or progress to the arts (television, film, fashion, ...). . In 2012, this business is on the list of critical functions established by each regional public employment service (source: report of the Brussels Observatory of Employment in January 2014). Our country has 18,000 lounge (independent and franchised), and it is important to differ from others. It is to make otherwise in terms of techniques and products. It is necessary to develop its know-how and creativity in a fragile and hairdressing sector where competition is strong. The project focuses on hairdresser’s technical training and practice . He can adapt to the practical, technical and artistic development of the profession of 'keeping the hand "by developing their creativity . Students will stay 3 weeks: - A week in a teaching center (including educational visits) - Two week externship. This project will enable the student to benefit from European experience that will be beneficial from the point of view of the acquisition of professional skills, cultural and human adventure. This project will also increase the employability of the young person in Belgium and in Europe It will enable the student to complete his training and realize his career plans. The mobility experience will enable the school to shine at European and local level. But also to create a network of exchange of good practices that will meet the demands of the professional world. The sending partner and hosting partner mutually benefit from these exchanges. For the hosting partner is an opportunity to find a new collaborator among students. This project aims to build professional relationships both at the level of the teachers of the institution and students.



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