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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With the rise of Creative Industries in recent years, many places in Europe have seen the rebirth of high added-value crafts and semi-industrial activities. Generally lead by young entrepreneurs or already established businesses and ‘makers’ inspired by ‘new blood’, these new or renewed businesses tend to establish themselves in old (many times abandoned) industrial areas in the city centres or in their outskirts, and create an undeniable impact, contributing to: • Economic value creation • Job creation, in particular youth employment • Urban, social and economic revitalization of degraded city areas Despite the renewed interest in the crafts and semi-industrial activities, still much can be done in Europe to foster businesses inspired by a new approach to these high added-value sectors, as: • Most of the crafts and semi-industrial businesses that subsisted throughout the years still lack the vision, the entrepreneurial attitude and the innovation factor • There is a lack of craftsmen or ‘makers’ to pass-on their knowledge and technical skills • The apprenticeship system in which the crafts and semi-industrial activities relied on is increasingly difficult to sustain. The project aims at promoting new and creative businesses in traditional crafts and semi-industrial business areas – e.g. wooden work, semi-industrial textiles, semi-industrial metalwork, semi-industrial glass manufacture, semi-industrial, etc. - anchored on high added-value production techniques, by offering an innovative learning solution for the younger adults entering the labour market and for the existing ‘makers’ (generically the persons that develop a craft or a semi-industrial activity). The course will consist of 3 independent modules: 1. PRODUCTION: Specific training in the selected craft or semi-industrial process aiming to convey the knowledge and to develop the basic technical skills a beginner will need to start his/her own production activity. This Module comprises a set of 10 different crafts and semi-industrial activities from which a given trainee will be able to choose from. 2. ENTERPRISE AND MARKET: Specific training on business development, marketing strategies and business promotion, particularly in the context of crafts and semi-industrial businesses; 3. CREATIVITY AND PRODUCT INNOVATION: Specific training on innovation management, creativity processes and product development aiming at promoting better products with a much stronger added-value, particularly in the context of crafts and semi-industrial businesses. The modular structure allows the trainees to take only the modules they miss to develop the necessary competences to create or renew their businesses. For example an inexperienced young adult would take the 3 modules, choosing in the first module a particular craft or semi-industrial process. On the other hand, an established craftsman wanting only to expand and professionalise his/her business would take the Modules 2 and 3 only, as he/she already masters a craft or semi-industrial process. Additionally, the project will look into the existing apprenticeship approaches and on ways to improve it by using ICT-based learning techniques, thus providing guidance for education and training organizations.



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