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Crafts 'n' Skilss
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Crafts 'n' Skills is based on the mobility projects APC 2, APC 3 and APC 4 (2008-2012) realised by Taitumo-network and coordinated back then by LPKKY/IKATA. The participants of the project are students of 8 Finnish colleges of the cultural field. These colleges have worked as a network since 2007 albeit some members have changed. The success of the earlier projects proves the effectiveness and fluency of the co-operation of the network. The content of the placements will be mostly on-the-job learning; some study placements may be included. The target countries will be, FR, ES, HU and IE and the lengths of the placements will be 4-12 weeks. The objective is to continue the IVT-students’ mobility while maintaining the high quality by retaining the good practices among the network and even developing new ones. In this project, ECVET will constitute the main area of development: the international partners will assess the learning outcomes of the students, and they will be accredited accordingly. During most placements, a skills demonstration will be given as in Finland, but without the Finnish teacher’s presence. To achieve this, we need to increase co-operation: 1) between the international coordinators and the vocational teachers: to negotiate the content and assessment of the placements, vocational teachers often need linguistic help. The student will confirm to the vocational teacher that the partner’s understanding of the student’s skills and tasks corresponds to that of the teacher’s. The student is also responsible for documenting the skills s/he has acquired. 2) between the sending and intermediary partners. The task of the intermediary partners will be to look for placements matching the needs of the students, and to give the teacher enough information of the students’ tasks to define the learning results beforehand and to state them in the Learning agreement and/or skills demonstration plan. The role of the intermediary partners is vital: they are able to support both the student and the hosting SME in the target country. They can help out with the bureaucracy and in practicalities, and ensure the attainment of the learning results. They also offer linguistic support – a lot of students only know the basics of the local language, and not all entrepreneurs speak English. In addition, different models for recognizing the other learning outcomes acquired during the placements will be recognized, for learning is not restricted to the working hours. As a result of this project, the students’ professional, linguistic, cultural, social, entrepreneurial, co-operation and communication skills will improve, as well as their autonomy, which will improve their employment prospects. Improving all these is the underlying purpose of all the aforementioned development actions and of the networking itself. In addition, co-operation among the partners, both national and international, will improve. Internationalization will come closer to the vocational teachers’ life, and its visibility will improve thanks to the free-form reports of the students, which will also help prepare the following students. The set of assessment forms produced in the project, as well as the shared experience of ECVET, will help Taitumo-network make ECVET the standard student assessment procedure in its IVT-projects.



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