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CPD for staff to develop skills in language teaching and learning and to share best practice in subjects across the curriculum
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are a one form entry school in North London which has established the teaching of a mfl as per the statutory requirements. We are looking for the additional challenge and benefits of introducing a second language to staff and a selected group of pupils who will be able to gain from it. We have a lot of children coming into our school with English as a second language and have a particular interest in Spain as we are now seeing an increasing number of families from Spain coming into our classrooms. We have a successful partnership with a French school which has helped to enrich many areas of the curriculum and motivated pupils. We take our year 5 pupils to Paris each year for a day trip, which has proved hugely successful. To give teachers the opportunity to learn and improve their language skills in Spanish through the immersion course which has proved very successful in the past using our link with the French school. To provide opportunities for pupils who visit Spain regularly (a considerable number) to learn basic skills and cultural understanding to give their travel greater meaning and purpose. To enrich the foundation subjects by developing units of work, especially in Art, around Spanish artists and geography, comparing and contrasting a location. We know that having the link with a Spanish school will open up lots of possibilities for teachers to gain ideas and resources. It also motivates and inspires pupils who enjoy learning about subjects first hand and love to communicate with pupils their age in other countries. To explore the CLIL approach which is established in most schools in Spain. Time constraints on an over crowded curriculum mean that language classes are not given enough time, once a week at most which studies have shown is not sufficient when learning a new language. Through observing schools we would like to see how this could be applied in our setting. We have ideas about which subjects we think this approach may work well in and would like to speak with our Spanish colleagues to get their input and advice. We would also like to observe lessons with a focus on writing as improving writing is part of our school development plan. The two key leaders will be subject leaders with experience of managing projects including work carried out with the support of Commenius. They will have a keen interest in developing their own language skills and are excited at the prospect of setting up an extra-curricular Spanish lesson club. They are both looking at this project as a way of getting management experience at the next level. The rest of the participants will be a mixture of subject leaders wishing to develop their area of responsibility and other teachers looking to take their first steps into a leadership role. All participants will be selected based on their enthusiasm to learn or improve their Spanish skills. They will embody our school values and represent our school in an extremely positive way. They must be prepared to take on additional tasks and volunteer time required pre and post visit to carry out agreed tasks. Each visit will contain a large language element provided by BCClanguages and the immersion course is a required element and a huge advantage in preparing for the cultural activities, the observations and meetings in the Spanish school. Each visit will include a range of cultural activities again organised by BCClanguages. These will help develop our foundation subjects for the new curriculum. It will also give participants a more rounded view of Spain which we intend to share with pupils. Each visit will contain time for evaluation and reflection which will impact upon the post visit activities and the next visit. A staff training and key stage assemblies will be the first action upon return. Our MLE and e-Twinnings will be used to store and share resources. Individual projects such as pen pals, email, video conferencing will be set up with enthusiastic teachers and supported by project leaders throughout. Our primary approach will be meet the aims of our European Development Plan by setting clear targets for each visit. Using the Eurpoass language passport to assess the language learning impact. To meet termly to reflect on where we are and if our objectives have been met or need adapting. The main part of our time in the Spanish schools will be focused on observation of CLIL teaching and some teaching of writing. We will take detailed notes which will form the basis of staff training upon our return. We hope to be able to arrange prior to our visit for the correct video permissions to be obtained so that we can film an example of the CLIL approach. The results will be: the opportunity to learn another language that they will be able to use in real life context. Foundation subject teaching to have greater substance and credibility with first hand accounts/resources. CLIL approach to enable mfl to be embedded.