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Cost Effective Integration and Fusion of SME Communities with Network Research Tools and Facilities (Fusion)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SMEs are developing new applications and services, which could benefit from testing facilities. There are number of FIRE testbeds, which have been developed and are ongoing in the European research community. The goal of the FUSION project is to bring SMEs that have needs in testing new applications together with these FIRE testbeds. The FIRE facilities will at their turn benefit from the specific requirements expressed by those SMEs, thanks to FUSION.The FUSION project provides an exchange portal whereby SMEs through their clusters can present their testing requirements. The portal lines up these requirements with the testing capabilities available on the testbeds. FUSION will provide a series of engagement activities with clusters integrating SMEs or ultimately with SMEs. These engagement activities will discuss the testbeds capabilities, the SME testing requirements and application market opportunities, to enable collaboration and dissemination of information and to report on their findings. Finally, FUSION will present a roadmap and series of recommendations for ongoing testing of applications on the facilities.The benefits of FUSION are hugely cost effective i.e. these clusters integrating SMEs with inadequate or no testbeds facilities, will not need to spend money developing their own. Instead they can use what is already there and get much further ahead in their own project objectives. They can benefit from the expertise of people who have developed and worked on these world-class research facilities. This type of fusion is enabling greater awareness, collaboration, networking and cohesion between different research groups in both the clusters that are largely integrating SMEs and the testbeds facilities groups leading to greater innovation and competitiveness in European ICT industry.



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