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Cost-effective, high-efficient micro gas turbine for micro CHP applications (ECOJET)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2014, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EcoJet consortium – comprising a value chain of three European SME manufacturers of gas turbines and sub-systems, and suppliers of high-performance materials and coatings, together with an SME developer of CHP systems - aims to address a major market opportunity through the optimization and deployment of a proprietary 10 KWe radial micro gas turbine into an innovative system solution tailored for environmentally friendly micro CHP applications for the residential sector. EcoJet targets the development of an engine based on an innovative radial jet turbine with an integrated electric generator. The technology has a uniquely robust design and uses very few advanced components, which makes it inexpensive and simple to manufacture. As existing micro turbine technology, it is multi-fuel enabled; has a high power to weight ratio, low emissions; no vibration and noise. As a core novelty and differentiator, the EcoJet design simultaneously enables environmentally superior performance and cost-effective uptake of micro CHP compared to conventional reciprocating engine generators. The concept addresses S&T barriers related to materials selection and assessment and to the production of the monorotor and heat exchanger. The EcoJet solution has a range of unique selling propositions to a very large group of potential end-users – manufacturers of micro CHP systems and, ultimately, households – which, in addition to economic benefits, can contribute to the mitigation of environmental problems due to a reduction in energy consumption and emissions.The SME consortium has the capacity to produce and market the new solution, but lacks the financial resources as well as the research expertise that enable the required technological development. Therefore, the consortium has identified the Research for the Benefit of SMEs Programme as the suitable vehicle for overcoming the technological and financial barriers associated with the achievement of the project’s objectives.



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