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Core-Hole Induced Chemical Reactivity of Complex Systems by Soft X-Ray Spectrosocopies (CHICROCSX)
Date du début: 15 mars 2010, Date de fin: 14 mars 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The present proposal concerns a new research direction which is the study of the core-hole induced chemical reactivity of complex systems. It is based on the use of the most advanced instrumentation available nowadays for soft X-ray spectroscopy: the ultra high resolution soft X-ray beamline PLEIADES at one of the most recent synchrotron radiation facilities in Europe – Synchrotron SOLEIL, together with state-of-the-art electron and electron-ion coincidence spectrometers. The host group offers a highly dynamic scientific environment based on a long-term outstanding experience with inner-shell spectroscopies of diluted species. The association with this environment, the excellence and the strong background in chemistry of the researcher, will definitely ensure the success of the proposed project. The main research objectives of the proposal include studies of ultrafast processes like intra- and intermolecular nuclear rearrangements, chemical reactivity of nanoparticles, construction of a new temperature controlled reaction chamber and the study of thermodynamics with advanced physical spectroscopic methods. The new opportunities provided at the starting beamline PLEIADES will allow the researcher to develop her own research line including dynamics and reactivity of systems of biological and environmental interest and to address the famous homochirality of life problem. The proposed project will allow the researcher to develop her scientific personality, acquire new competences and pursue her own research lines, along the above-mentioned directions. Her perspectives for future employment as a scientist in this field of research will be much improved, and her experience will allow to contribute to the advancement of science in any of the European countries where extreme light sources like synchrotron radiation or free electron lasers are used tools, or even contributing to their development where they represent an emerging tool (ELI source for instance)."