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Coordination of European Future Internet Forum of Member States and the Collection and Sharing of Research Data to Enhance and Promote National Cooperation (ceFIMS-CONNECT)
Date du début: 1 mars 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Significant resources are being deployed in research at the European and Member State (MS) levels to bolster Europe's position as the global leader in Future Internet (FI) research. There is a strong consensus that this should continue in order to maintain the fostering of European competitiveness in this strategic area. However, a lack of coordination between Member States and EU initiatives (incl. Framework Programme and FI-PPP) has resulted in duplication and fragmentation of research resources.ceFIMS-CONNECT will address this problem by facilitating and supporting closer integration and coordination between Member States and the EU in FI initiatives, experimental-based research and large-scale deployment activities. ceFIMS-CONNECT will leverage its knowledge of Member State and EU-funded research and experimental facilities to maximise engagement, coordination and integration of Future Internet stakeholders. ceFIMS-CONNECT will support the sharing of best practices, solutions, applications and services, and promote the wider uptake of European Future Internet results by lead users (in particular, European SMEs).The project will support the European network of National Future Internet Forum Chapters to facilitate the sharing of best practices at European, National and Regional levels, identify and monitor the progress of European and National FI initiatives and categorise potential cooperation opportunities and support the targeted uptake of FI research results, including the promotion of FI-PPP among Member States and the use of FI-PPP Generic Enablers.ceFIMS-CONNECT will support the work of the European Future Internet Forum (FIF) by providing a secretariat to the Forum and supporting their initiatives. The ceFIMS-CONNECT consortium comprises six experienced partners, most of whom have already partnered together in the existing ceFIMS project and are long established members of the FIF.



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