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Coordination and Integration of Future Internet Research Experimentation Activities in Europe (CI-FIRE)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CI-FIRE will support a broader and deeper coordination and integration of Future Internet Research Experimentation (FIRE) activities on EU and Member State level in order to enable the sustainable use of FIRE facilities.To this purpose, CI-FIRE will analyse the sustainability potential of European FIRE facilities, develop an innovation business framework template, and perform an analysis of the use and applicability of the innovation business framework by FIRE facilities. In addition, CI-FIRE will analyse different collaboration models for making FIRE facilities sustainable. Based on this analysis and the selection of a suitable collaboration model, CI-FIRE will facilitate the implementation of a collaboration between FIRE and EIT ICT Labs as an exemplary case for achieving FIRE sustainability. Based on the insights from this concrete collaboration model implementation, CI-FIRE will develop a 'blueprint', i.e. a process standard, for similar collaborations of FIRE facility providers with other initiatives and organisations in order to open further paths to sustainability.In addition to disseminating this process standard and other project results to relevant target audiences, CI-FIRE aims to increase the engagement of industry in the development and use of FIRE facilities. This will be done via a number of targeted activities, including two industry engagement workshops and a dedicated portal for stakeholder engagement and sustainability that will complement the existing FIRE web portal. Through these activities, CI-FIRE will foster new multidisciplinary experimental research and the implementation of sustainable business models for FIRE facilities.The CI-FIRE support action will be performed by an experienced consortium of five partners, who are very well connected with ongoing activities in the FIRE domain and in other initiatives like FI-PPP and the EIT ICT Labs. This project is supported by the EIT ICT Labs, which has expressed a strong interest to collaborate with CI-FIRE, as explicitly stated in a support letter signed by the CEO of EIT ICT Labs, Prof. Willem Jonker.



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