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Coordinating large-scale youth sport work events for inclusion
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Physical inactivity is 4th leading risk factor for death globally. Scientific evidence shows that individuals who do sport are more likely to meet the recommendations for physical activity related to health. Ability of sports sector to affect physical activity levels tends to be underutilized & it is recommended to support local authorities and NGOs that promote/organize sport. We are trying to put EU Guidelines into action by educating more youth workers for quality envisioning/coordinating large-scale youth sport work events that thus contribute to increase participation in sports by more people and especially children/youth, mainstream and from marginalised groups.All partners involved are working actively in their countries on project topics and take this TC as a valuable opportunity to exchange among us, learn from and inspire each other.The 9 days long training course "Coordinating large-scale youth sport work events for inclusion" is the core activity of the project. It gathers 32 participants, trainers and staff members from 14 partner organisations from 11 countries (RS, AL, BA, ME, MK, TR, HR, SI, IT, CY, ES). The TC involves 12 people with fewer opportunities. TC will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia on 24/11 – 02/12/2015.Objectives:• Exchange realities on sports and youth work for inclusion• Promote the concept “Sports for all” and personal development through sports• Exchange sport methods and games• Define target groups of youth with fewer opportunities and discuss how sport can lead to inclusion• Discuss benefits of and barriers to sport for these target groups• Achieve common understanding of Large-scale youth sport work events and agree upon quality criteria and standards for organising those• Raise competences in managing such events• Envision and start developing ideas for specific large-scale youth sport work events with youngsters with fewer opportunities in our communities• Learn how we can use the E+ YiA for promotion of sport and health-enhancing physical activities in youth work for inclusion• Develop new projects and future European level cooperationTC is based on the approach, principles and methods of non-formal education with lots of sport activities. Project will have biggest impact on direct beneficiaries-participants who will further develop creative and analytical thinking of ways of active citizenship for development of inclusive and intercultural society through development of quality local and European projects targeting youth with fewer opportunities.We expect increase in number of youngsters that will get involved as volunteers in the organisations' activities, through increased quality of youth sport work with youngsters with fewer opportunities, as long-term perspective of multiplying and sustainable impact. Multiplying is also expected with increased number of youth workers for inclusion through sports, as our participants will be organising workshops for sharing the knowledge they gained.