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Coordinating and Leveraging regional knowledge for initiating a Sustainable and optimised EU Waste to Energy Programme (COOLSWEEP)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

COOLSWEEP comprises 5 established research driven triple helix clusters, one cluster under development and a specialist cluster analysis organisation. The clusters have recognised that the newly emerging field of waste-to-energy urgently requires the establishment of a coordinated “smart specialisation strategy‟.The proposed work will compare and contrast the 6 regions to determine the global picture in terms of resources available and needs for technology implementation establishing synergies and identifying the basis for effective collaborations. This will enable the development of a Joint action Plan, the finance plan necessary for implementation and the metrics to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the proposed interventions. Throughout the project there are many dissemination and exchange events planned among the partners working on the project and the members of the regional clusters active in the field. It is intended that these actions also look beyond the immediate project participants and engage the wider audience with specific targeted events and actions to support the project’s outreach ambitions.The project resources available to the clusters provide a wealth of relevant expertise either directly through the cluster or through Third Party association of organisations that are cluster members. In addition, there are key international clusters and regional authorities represented on the Advisory Board to support specific project work packages.The project will develop the necessary momentum and critical mass to have a significant impact in this exciting technology field and also to create a sustainable and effective network between the clusters. The expected impacts not only include development of frontier and breakthrough research but also address important environmental issues and will result in significant and sustainable business generation within the EU and societal improvements for its citizens.



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